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Monday, February 21, 2011

Scarlet Skies

Tanka, a poetry form I have never attempted, but as I am eager to learn new forms... One Stop Poetry  is offering small lessons on Mondays of various forms and a chance to be given feedback.  Here is my attempt.

scarlet skies linger
gazing on green majesties
reaching to touch her
effervescant eyes bequeath
beauty within star filled nights

twinkling lighted skies
darkness illuminated
resting within her
open arms welcome morning
scarlet skies lingering still

Petrina Lesko
February 2011


Padmavani said...

I loved the second Tanka! Simple and vivid.

signed...bkm said...

I love the second one too...very beautiful and vivid...bkm

rmpWritings said...

Love the contrast of "darkness illuminated". Lovely verses.

Brian Miller said...

some nice word play in your tankas...and it cast quite the imagery...

Sumit Sarkar said...

"scarlet skies linger"...
great choice of words..loved your work :)

Steve Isaak said...

Good, smile-causing work.