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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Just for Me and You

Tweety speaks with his own world words,
Mickey sung by letters of his name,
Colored moments filling childhood thirds,
Beaming down, talking cats, its the same.

A snowman dances through Frosty days,
A beagle sleeps atop the roof,
Snoopy about the world, leading ways,
A dwarf lending his Grumpy ways aloof.

Tinkering her way, she flies in dreams,
The Pan Man, her superhero too,
All casted in our nights, yes it seems,
Dream world characters for me and you.

Petrina Lesko
Febraury 2011

Over at Jingle Poetry it's time for Poetry Potluck and this weeks topic is Cartoons, Sci Fi and Super Powers.  This was a bit of a stretch for me as I was never really into cartoons, even as a child.  But I thought it would be a challenge and thought I would give it a try.


Anonymous said...

You presented the other world so well! The world where we can laugh, smile and dream magically!

Anonymous said...

feel so light after reading this.. here's my potluck.. http://fiveloaf.wordpress.com/2009/11/29/cinderella-for-a-man/

thingy said...


Reminds me of wonderful Saturday mornings.

Anonymous said...

Ah, cute, I know a few of those but not all!
I think the cartoons of our early years never leave us.


Anonymous said...

These characters of childhood just resonate for you throughout your life! And I love how you tied in a superhero of sorts too!

Jingle said...


childhood fantasy and cartoon characters are fabulous to be recalled...

sweet imagery, well done.


Friko said...

You tried and succeeded.

Kay Irvin said...

You have written sweet memories ... very nice and I love Snoopy :)

Lorrie said...

A great compilation that evokes a typical childhood.

TerryLynnJohnson said...

great word choices here!

Lolamouse said...

You did a good job! I had to have my husband school me on the superheros for my poem! Once I had the list of names and their powers, I could write it! I love Snoopy! I consider him a hero!

Olivia said...

I typed a whole comment in the noon- I guess I lost it.. :(

Hugs xx

Olivia said...

Your words sketches the toon world so beautifully!
No pain, no tears, only hilarious laughters. Toons are better than some fairy tales I guess.. :)

Wishing you a very beautiful week ahead!
Love xox


Olivia said...

I would have never realized it.. n then while reading another blog, it struck me- the lunatics diary to be precise!

I came back n checked- there was none- now there are few- lolss

Smiles xx

Kavita said...

Awww.. how SWEET is that!! Yes, I always wanna live in this wonderful world of Tweetys and Snoopys... I like that world..A LOT!! :)

Enjoyed your potluck entry, Petrina... mine too has Tweety in it... hehehe

JamieDedes said...

You may not have been into cartoons, but you did splendidly on this. Would not have know if you didn't say anything.

Bravo! Fab Potuck. Thank you for your contribution. Sorry to be so late with visits.

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