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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Who Be the Lady

Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci
as shared by Magpie Tales

Who be the lady he doth paint,
He strokes the canvas lightly while,
Captures the essence of your smile,
Setting here, are you feeling feint?

But of the knowing just might taint,
Histories wonder of your guile,
Who be the lady he doth paint,
He strokes the canvas lightly while.

Painted lady with such restraint,
Eloquence shared, be this your style,
Mystiques held, such doth sooth and rile,
Demure, composed... a little quaint,
Who be the lady he doth paint?

Petrina Lesko
March 2011

Thank you Tess, for another fabulous challenge with Mag 59, this weeks challenge for Magpie Tales.  And as this is another attempt at a Rondel, I shall also link this to One Stop Poetry for this weeks OSW.

Monday, March 28, 2011

For Lessons Taught

Illustration by Freddie Langeler 1920's
as offered at Monday's Child: fair of face

The gnomes and fairies fine did come,
For lessons taught by Mr. Hare,
With friends his words, oh we will share.
To learn the lessons we did hum.

Yes coats and tails and hats were some,
To this party we all did wear.
The gnomes and fairies fine did come,
For lessons taught by Mr. Hare.

With wings held back, before and from,
The mouse and bird, tried hard to care,
And cake with all, Sir Hare did share,
To rhythmic words our feet did drum.
The gnomes and fairies fine did come,
For lessons taught by Mr. Hare.

Petrina Lesko
March 2011

The above poem is my first attempt at a Rondel.  Due to adding the last line, it is actually a Rondel Prime.  It's pattern is ABba abAB abbaA (for Rondel) adding B (for Rondel Prime).  It is written in iambic tetrameter - 8 syllables with the stress on the second foot.

The inspiration came from both Monday's Child: fair of face and this weeks illustration by Freddie Langeler and today's lesson, Part II of Rondels over at One Stop Poetry co hosted by Samuel Peralta and Claudia Schonfeld.  I will be linking up with both sites.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Worn out Moments

To drive through open spaces,
To walk upon unending land,
To explore towns and places,
To rest my soul upon your sand.

The trip of eternal search,
Walking in the footsteps of man,
Simply resting to your perch,
To rest my soul because I can.

This to find what is unknown,
Leaving life to rest in its art,
Nothing taken to call my own,
Looking only for a new start.

Days of work within the race,
Worn out moments lost in the rhyme,
Serene feelings found in place,
This be the trip of a lifetime.

To drive within space and time,
Worn out moments lost within rhyme.

Petrina Lesko
March 2011

Over at Jingle Poetry this week's theme is Trips, Travel and Vacation for Poetry Potluck.  I will be linking this small journey there.  Please join us and share a journey you have taken, or will be...

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Leaving Me to Wonder

What dish has this world served you,
That you must  try to take some of mine,
That you should violate my world,
Leaving me to wonder...
to wonder if you made your way in.

Are things so bad that you must,
Fight this life of it's good, taking at will,
Another's freedom, freedom to be,
Stealing away the security,
the security of home's locked door.

What is it that you needed so badly,
That you must try to violate the wall,
Penetrating deep within one's being,
Leaving me to wonder,
to wonder if you made your way in.

Are things so needed that I must,
Fright of life, value all that is there,
Possessions being all, things being all,
Security lost, stolen away,
the security of home's locked door.

What is it that we need so badly,
That we must fight for what's ours,
Guarded, locked tight, never to lose,
Leaving me to wonder,
to wonder if you made your way in.

Petrina Lesko
March 2011

I'm sharing this poem over at One Stop Poetry for their One Shot Poetry Wednesday.    Stop by to share a poem and/or to read other talented poets.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Yet She Wields... and a Special Thank You

It never ceases to amaze me at how "fitting" the week's photo prompt is when I pop over to Magpie Tales hosted by Willow.  Her photography, always rich and deep, endless meanings available...

photo prompt #58 for Magpie Tales

Yet She Wields...

Days of ill ease, souls shielded by the past,
Lessons taught, swords cultivated the fields,
Cote-armours well-placed to protect and last,
All this unseen by the world, yet she wields...

Side by side, sharing efforts in this life,
Guiding those wandering souls to the shore,
Days of gentle hearts for to see through strife,
Yet she wields the armour well-placed before.

Coated souls, leading others o'er hills vast,
Trodden days, lessons exerted, hopes yield,
Journeys taken by sails raised upon mast,
Cote-armours well-placed before, now are peeled.

Earnest endeavors, transformed from the rife,
Innocent souls yearning to learn, want more,
Hands held long, gentle hearts helping through life,
Lending the way, opportunities door.

Days of ill ease, souls shielded by the past,
Lessons taught, swords cultivated the fields,
Cote-armours well-placed to protect and last,
All this unseen by the world, yet she wields...

Petrina Lesko
March 2011

I am, of course, linking this post over at Magpie Tales for this prompt #58 (a truly inspirational photo).  To see others' takes on this prompt, click here.
A special thank you to those who nominated me...
I would also like to take this opportunity to say a special thank you to Jingle, Cloaked Monk, Verse in a Nutshell, Lolamouse and louisedouglas for their nomination for the Versatile Blogger Award.  I am truly honored that you all would nominate me for this award, however, I feel at this time that my Blog needs to remain an Award Free location.    Again, thank you for the nominations.

I Missed the Tea Party

First, my apologies to all who read my blog and follow along.  I have been rather scarce over the last couple of weeks.   Life has been rather hectic and stressed and I have not been able to get the creative juices flowing in the directions I would share.  Thank you all for your patience.  Hopefully, this will be a sign that the juices are flowing once again.

Interesting timing on this post... for it reminisces of a long told tale, one most everyone knows, yet one I only heard of as a child.  A tale I've often said, "I need to pick it up and read it now" curious of it's wonders shared.  Of course, I've heard bits and pieces over the years, but never actually read the tale in it's whole.  I think maybe it will be one of my reads in the near future.  A must you see!

Tea Party Illustration by Fernando Falcone
as shared at Monday's Child
I Missed the Tea Party

This 'tea party' I did not see,
Though often told to children wee,
For fate left it unsaid to me,
Of Alice's Wonderland glee.

Often thought of, and wondered too,
This Mad Hatter, and bunnies do,
Tell of this tale, to many through,
Tea Party shared with she and you.

This tale shall be read soon you see,
For fate left it unsaid to me,
Cups and saucers filled with your tea,
Empty seats for friends... absent we.

'Alice in Wonderland' tale told,
But fate missed the twist,  I must hold,
This glorious book, of  tale old,
So off to the bookstore, sale sold.

I shall sit down with book to read,
Wonderland seems such a great need,
To share in this story, do lead,
Together my friend, we will read.

To the 'tea party' we will be,
A child wee, I am not you see,
But wishing Wonderland is me,
Together my friend, we will be.

Petrina Lesko
March 2011

I am linking this post over at Monday's Child: fair of face for it was the inspiration for this poem.  The wonderful illustration is by Fernando Falcone.  Hope you all enjoyed my poem.  To read others that were inspired, click here.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Second Visit to Channel Islands, CA

You should be able to click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Nature's remarkable beauty,


Landscapes, horizons, endless views, 

Powerful waters, wonders home,

Only to be seen if they choose.

The above photographs were taken by Petrina Lesko on a whale watching trip out of Ventura, CA.  The trip goes over to the Channel Islands.  Such a relaxing, but exciting time experiencing the wonders of the world we venture to spend time observing.  I am also linking this post to Watery Wednesday.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Exploration of the Big World

Babies, seas edge, bliss
Exploration of big worlds
Mother's companion
Haiku by
Petrina Lesko
March 2011

Carpenteria Seal Habitat, CA
photos by Petrina Lesko, March 2011

I am linking this post with Watery Wednesday and the Cloaked Monk's Blog - March Challenge for the 9th which is Exploration.

Exploring the Carpenteria Seal Habitat was pure bliss the other day.  We had a fabulous time taking pictures and watching the babies exploring the big world, playing in the waters, mothers always right beside them.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Generosity of the Heart

Pondering the thought of mentors and role models.... What continues to go through my mind is "Do as I say, not as I do."  I've heard those words so many times in my life, so many times as a child, or from parents of children I know.  Yet the most profound thing that I can think of about those few people who I have considered mentors, the exact opposite is the resounding formula.  From each of those women, men, people... the greatest of their impacts was given by observation of how they lived their lives, how they treated everyone they came in contact with...

Generosity of the Heart

Generosity of the heart,
Silent words hidden beyond deeds,
Grace in life, framed by days like art,
Absent requests, fulfilling needs.

Generosity of the heart,
Nature so giving, selfless breeds,
First thoughts of others, always start,
Sharing worlds, to young ones she reads.

Generosity of the heart,
Preparing lessons, other leads,
Sharing meals, filling up the cart,
Gardens planted, sharing the seeds.

Generosity of the heart,
Absent requests, fulfilling needs.

Petrina Lesko
March 2011

Today over at Jingle Poetry it's time for Poetry Potluck and this weeks theme is Idols, Role Models and Mentors.  I've spent quite a few moments over the past week thinking about those people I would consider mentors trying to decipher why theirs held such an impact.  The above poem is what I came up with.  I hope you enjoyed it, to read others, click here.

Just popped over to the 'March Challenge' at the Cloaked Monk's Blog, tomorrow's theme is Abundance so it seems fitting to add this Haiku to connect there also.

ultimate sharing
generosity of heart
mentors' abundance

Petrina Lesko
March 8, 2011