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Monday, July 25, 2011

She Juggles Stars

I wanted to get a little more input on this one so I will be linking it over at dVerse ~Poets Pub for their OpenLinkNight.  Enjoy everyone.

Riding high there in the skies,
Magpie Tales #75
tightly roping within this world,
she juggles stars naturally,
as if this was her solemn place.

Eyes bewildered as Sirius flies,
her magic shines hot, up and twirled,
dancing aloft the world we see,
as before, this a new world's face.

In her efforts may come surprise,
for if she slips, from ropes be furled,
juggled there for those who will be,
upon the wires of fun we trace.

Eyes bewildered as Sirius flies,
riding there within the skies,
juggled there for those who will be,
dancing aloft the world we see.

She juggles stars naturally,
as if this was her solemn plea.

Petrina Lesko
July 2011

Here I offer a second take (inspired by thoughts of a friend's son who is in Australia, in school to hopefully become a part of Cirque du Soleil) on the wonderful prompt by Tess Kincaid, at her fabulous meme, Magpie Tales.  Come join the fun and see what flies for you.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Petals of Rose

soft petals of rose
sprinkled on waters for thee
his last goodnight kiss

Petrina Lesko
July 2011

Over at Jingle Poetry the theme for this week's Poetry Potluck just happens to be on Nature and Life so I shall also be linking there as well.  Hope you all have a fabulous week ahead.  I expect mine to be rather busy.

Sirius Cycle Rise

as offered by Tess Kincaid

as does the rise of Sirius say
cycling westward for day by day
just before the sunlit skies,
your Heliacal rise
draws forth all of eyes
on ropes these ones,
edge to

Petrina Lesko
July 2011

This wonderful picture prompt was offered up today by Tess Kincaid for the 75th Magpie Tales prompt.  This is a fabulous place for writers and poets to come together and share.  To see what inspiration others have found, please follow the link and join in the fun.

Friday, July 22, 2011

New Day's Dawn

Blankets of misty
mornings clouds,
folded back
by a rising sun,
welcoming the
world to a
new day's

Petrina Lesko
July 2011

Linking over at  Theme Thursday where this fabulous photo was shared.  This is about how our valley looked this morning as well.  Beautiful offerings for the day.