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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What Be These Whispers

What be these whispers of the night,
For where they come to offer fright,
In your eyes a tortuous sight...

What is beyond the darkness comes,
To treat the day like wayward bums,
Melodic notes and painful hums...

Whispers rise beyond play like screams,
Written memories, dreadful memes,
Moons to ride skies unending beams...

Taunting more within your dark mind,
Echoes calling, Clorox cocktails kind,
To cleanse these souls before you find...

For voices come to offer fright,
What be these whispers of the night?

Petrina Lesko
May 2011

Remaining on the theme of dark writing offered today for OSW over at One Stop Poetry, I thought I would try another dark themed write.  Hope you all enjoy my offering.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sweet Dreams said...

'Sweet dreams' said as I laid to rest,
Into silence, await the screams,
Evil speaks there within my dreams.

Welcome friend, please come be my guest,
For in this night, you'll lose your sight,
Evil speaks strong, evil speaks best.

For in the darkness, so it seems,
'Sweet dreams' said as you laid to rest.

'Sweet dreams' said as I laid to rest,
Hot is the fire to burn the beams,
Embers carry, the ash it gleams...

Hollow remains of nights their test,
Embers spark light, shadows dark might,
Suns setting east, rising due west...

In the darkness, evil yet screams,
'Sweet dreams' said as we laid to rest.

Petrina Lesko
May 2011

This an attempt at a dark piece, set in high octain as offered by One Stop Poetry on Monday, a lesson and form shared/created by Luke Prater.  Not sure how well I have done, but this was my first try at this fascinating form.  Stop by over at One Stop Poetry for OSW to read other fascinating poetry shared there.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Side by Side

Though we have walked side by side,
Oh for so long... years its been, hasn't it?
Still we must go our parting ways now,
I, long tired of your deceitful ways.

Though we have walked side by side,
You understanding my weakness...
Always there like a true and dear one,
Still, forever tempting into darkness.

Though we have walked side by side,
A false bravado given, then left alone...
To pass the time delinquent of mind,
Truly... now... a habit, an addiction.

Though we have walked side by side,
You shall leave with a roar I am sure...
Screaming in the headache of my mind,
Doubting once more, please can we still.

Though we have walked side by side,
An eternity it seems, many a mile left...
Yet now, I no longer wish this bravado,
As time calls forth in new directions.

Though we have walked side by side,
Today we must stand apart, stand tall...
To find our own strength, to go forth,
Into the destinies of days, free with will.

Petrina Lesko
May 2011

Linking up with OSW over at One Stop Poetry to share in this and all the other fabulous poems linked there.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Written Within Your Fold

Mag 66
photo prompt by Tess Kincaid
Your shelves offer such possibilities,
A nature's walk, journeying beyond sublime,
Friend's secrets held tight or sailing the seas,
Historical moments cherished through time.

Each book holding it's own special treasure,
Tales of truth, fantasy... stories once told,
Future endeavors of days that measure,
Times shared in rhyme, penned down in days of old.

Authors unknown, famous within will spark,
Upon the reader, a glimmer left behind,
Intriguing the senses, to leave their mark,
Souls left shared... a gift forever in kind.

These things and more, written within your fold,
Pages of wonder for us all to hold.

Petrina Lesko
May 2011

This poem was inspired by the lovely Tess Kincaid with this wonderful picture prompt offered up for this week's Magpie Tales, a place where writer's and poets come together to share in the muse.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Through the Years

Over at the One Shoot Sunday Photography Interview this weeks photographer is Fee Easton sharing 5 wonderful pictures to select from... hmmmm... choices, choices....  Please stop and visit One Stop Poetry today to join us in the challenge.  Here's mine:

photography of Fee Easton
as shared by One Stop Poetry

Twas just yesterday when I saw,
First nights of stars so bright, twinkling...
Sharing a love like wonders awe,
Drawing me forever brinking.

Always to be there at the edge,
New journeys found with you to hold,
To share in the beautious ledge,
A life brazen, a life be bold.

Forever together held love,
Our secret place, still the same now,
Hands held up high, flight of the dove,
Walking one journey, always how.

Burdens of joy, laughing through tears,
Together now... and through the years.

Petrina Lesko
May 2011

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Your Lifetime Gift to Me

Over at One Stop Poetry they have given us poets the opportunity to honor some especially fabulous women today...  Happy Mother's Day to all the moms...

I wrote this poem six years ago for a very special lady who has been like a mother to me through the years.  She was an important part of my life for a number of years while my mom was still around and our relationship grew even more important after my real mom passed.  I gave this poem to her twenty years after writing another for her.  I don't think she would mind if I shared it here with you all.  To all the mothers out there, I hope this Mother's Day is especially special for you and your loved ones.

Your Lifetime Gift to Me

When I think of a mother and the child held in her arm,
I think of times spent with you – my special times safe from harm.
Much of my early childhood, it was spent in so much fear,
But time I got to spend with you – was time of joy and cheer.

You offered time in your home, time I did not understand,
I wondered why you would give so much, but no reprimand.
Before that, it was like hanging at the end of my rope,
But you came into my life and with time, you gave me hope.

You offered a world so different than the one I’d known,
A world I knew I liked, but had never before been shown.
With that world came many things, but mostly moments of calm,
Of course, learning the love of God, as spoken in the psalm.

You gave me acceptance, direction, challenges and more,
You opened my world, in my heart a hole you could have tore.
You were gentle and kind, all things I should have understood,
And asked only of me – that I give you whatever I could.

As I look now, to the significant times in my life,
Many a moment filled with love, some moments full of strife.
Since the day I met you, somehow, you have always been there,
And I thank God for all these times we were able to share.

God gave me a wonderful gift, he brought you to my door,
“My life has been a life of dreams,” as stated once before.
All my thanks to you for the world you were willing to show,
Because of many things you did, I was able to grow.

A very special mother’s love, your lifetime gift to me,
Has been an inspiration I want everyone to see.
A “pedestal” for you, not in my eyes, or maybe so,
I am forever thankful and just wanted you to know.

Phyllis, “Mom,” I love you and I am forever thankful
For your lifetime gift to me.

Petrina Lesko
May 2005 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

In Hopes...

As the day becomes night, the sun falling
beyond hills, gentle breezes grace my skin,
the leaves dancing against the dim colours.

The slight glimpse, feeling you just to my right,
I find myself turning, believing for...
just for an instant, I begin to share.

Realizing the cliche rising beyond,
wanting just this once to tell you my day,
knowing 'God needed you more than I did.'

Still, as the moments flash memories here,
I am drawn to sharing my special thought,
Just one more time, if only it could be.

The years of travelling through life's journey,
all the unanswered questions collecting,
yet the mind knows, 'It was your time to go.'

But the heart still feels, a breeze touches my cheek,
and still from the corner of my eye, I...
well up, ready to ask, to share this thought.

Yet I know this cannot happen, not now,
reason begins its climb, reaching summits,
telling me you are not here, not really...

Yet somehow, a calmness envelopes me,
my breathing slows, contentment of my heart
knows... knows that somehow you were listening.

Somehow, though I can not see your eyes tear,
still the embrace, comforts as you once did,
celebrates those special moments, in hopes...

Petrina Lesko
May 2011

A couple of weeks ago would have marked the 27th year since my mother passed on to better things... a better place.  With Mother's Day being just around the corner (and it landing on her birthday as it often did), I have found myself deeply engrossed in thoughts of her... of all the things and the time that we missed out on.  Over the years, periodically, as I'm sure most of us do when we miss someone dearly, I have wanted to share special moments in my day.  Or ask that all important question... and have found myself turning to speak to her, then reality strikes like a lightening bolt, reminding me she is gone.

This year has been a very exciting year for me.   It's been almost eleven months of a very strong, empowering experience here in blog land.  With each post, a little voice asks, 'Where would her red marks be?  What would she tell me to phrase differently?'   She was an English Major in college... smiles... I can remember as a child, her even taking red pen to our shopping lists and correcting our grammar.  At the time, I was not very impressed, but boy do I miss it now!  One of my posts, a poem from back a bit (find it here ), was actually a rewrite of a short story she had written in college for the school magazine.  (I wrote it from the child's perspective as it was a true story based on a very difficult decision she was faced with making.)  Now, being that the writer in me has been so prolific for quite a while, probably one of the most profound questions I find myself pondering... 'Would she truly like what I have written?  What would she have thought of my poetic version of her story?'  Then when moments become calm, and my heart stills for a bit, I know that since I knew her, I know already... what she would think.  But now, as an active writer, I sure do miss the Editor, always available to teach...

So hopefully you all don't mind my sharing this, but...  this one's for you Mom.  Happy Mother's Day, Happy Birthday!  I write this in hopes...  that you truly like it...

Follow this link to read other wonderful poetry posted for One Shot Wednesday over at One Stop Poetry.

Monday, May 2, 2011

To Touch One Heart

With poise, respect, a little dignity,
Humility like this, a hand held out,
To reach for another, offer a ride,
This was grace you shared, through all of your days,
With simple hopes, only to touch one heart.

And rather than hold within your own way,
Lives were changed, lessons shared with the many,
Hearts were deeply touched, and blessings were shared,
For in this giving way you had, you touched,
Those upon the days of all that were blessed.

Petrina Lesko
May 2011

I often feel rather challenged to attempt my hand, or should I say my pen, when a new form is offered up within the lessons I am still learning.  Today over at One Stop Poetry, Gay Cannon has offered for One Stop Poetry Form the familiar, yet new 'Blank Verse'.  As she explains it in its basic form, it is iambic pentameter, no rhyme.  Familiar as it has been used in many a famous write from the likes of Henry Howard, John Milton, William Shakespeare, Robert Browning, Robert Frost and many other of the greatest poets of all time.   Thus I thought I would give it a try.  I hope I have given a glimmer of its true nature in my piece.

Smoldering Hesitations

Over at Jingle Poetry  the theme this week for Monday's Poetry Potluck  is "Doubts, Fears, Inhibitions and Hesitations"...   These doubts and fears that have formed from our past experiences seem to smolder in the distance, always there, waiting to spark the wildfire to desimate all that is within its grasp.  I was working on my piece for this week's Potluck when I came across this fabulous prompt by Tess over at Magpie Tales.  I couldn't help but grasp it and combine for both prompts.

Smoldering Fires, Clarence Holbrook Carter, 1904-2000
Columbus Museum of Art
as shared at Magpie Tales #64

Like Whispers Upon Ears

Today... you walked a while with me,
Like old friends joined, together share,
I knew your steps as you knew mine,
Stepping along the path to see,
Hand in hand, alas we could dare.

The path familiar, took a turn,
For a moment we paused to look,
Stay on the path, follow the sign,
Eager to explore, more to learn,
In the distance, I heard the brook.

Desires to try within me burn,
Like wildfires in the distance know,
Come, let's go back, we will dine,
The water flows free 'on the turn,
Caressing the rocks just for show.

As the flow dropped, falling right there,
I longed to go forth, journey more,
Step forth, be you lost in the pine,
Darkness comes all too soon to dare,
For in the night, where is the shore.

Explorations curbed, this will be,
Moments unsure instilled my friend,
Like whispers upon ears of mine,
Words carry forth your doubts for me,
Deterring strength for journey's end.

Hand in hand, alas we could dare,
Stepping along the path to see,
I knew your steps as you knew mine,
Like old friends joined, together share,
Today... you walked a while with me.

Petrina Lesko
May 2011

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Delicate Wings and Fairy Dust

Illustration by:  Cicely Mary Barker
as shared at Monday's Child
With delicate wings and fairy dust,
Dreams drift on the breezes of this you see,
Magical days of splendor must,
Honeybees pollinate blossoms beauty.

Tender glimpses of secrets share,
Sun-ripened days to fill with joyous play,
Green leaves stage, fairy's wings to flare,
Carnations bloom scents to address the day...

Sweetened moments for us to drink,
Magical nectar from the air is drawn,
Glistening juice, but don't you blink,
This nectar's sweet tastes, they soon shall be gone.

With delicate wings and fairy dust,
Magical days of splendor must,
Carnations' nectar from the air is drawn,
This nectar's sweet scents, it too shall be gone...

Petrina Lesko
May 2011

Such a magical moment held within the illustration by Cicely Mary Barker, as shared over at Monday's Child... fair of face  for this week's prompt.  Immediately, I was carried off to magical dreams and fairies gracing beauty like a honeybee in the springtime.  Please stop by Monday's Child and share in the fun of writing and inspiring our young readers.