a journey filled with many familiar paths and some not yet taken... all leading to the ever-changing destinations just waiting to be discovered.


Sunday, June 27, 2010

This has been a pretty reflective week, one of those where you find yourself examining deeper things...  I've actually been working on this entry for a couple of days now.  It started with the friend whom I had not seen in many years asking what I do besides work, only I was not satisfied with the answer that I had come up with.  Then later in the week, there was a Memorial Ceremony for someone dear to my heart.  Needless to say, it has been a week of searching for answers to many of life's mysterious questions for which there is an array of possible answers....

Then today, Sunday, a short hike in the hills overlooking a nearby small town.  Was great to be out in nature, listening to the water wash over the rocks of the creek that paralleled the trail we were on.  Disappointing not to see the waterfall that was supposed to be near the summit of the trail  (maybe too hot and dry already), however, there were a couple small ones leading into tiny pools calling to refresh ones inner balance.  We thought of climbing over to one of the pools and dipping our feet in, but then decided that the fresh blueberries at the local Farmer's Market were calling us back for another round.  Following all of it with a short drive out toward the beach and then a stop at the local book store in search of another guide book to the trails of the surrounding areas.  (The books already in my library left a gap of this area.)  And of course, this wonderful day spent in the company of a friend. 

Then tonight while giving the vegetables and trees in my yard/garden area a little extra water, a new sprout with a few baby leaves on one of the grape plants that previously appeared to be only a half dead twig sticking out of the dirt.  Some signs of vegetables to come on one of the squash and bell pepper plants, and the Oak bonsai seems to be continuing to sprout new leaves - YES!  (By the way, as you all get to know me, you will better understand the excitement of the success - though it may be small.  In the past, most every plant I have ever tried to grow ends up dieing off.  We also live in Zone 10 which scorches the life out of almost all plants.  So any success is still major success for me.)  I do have to admit that on the vegetables, my roommate who is helping, guiding me through the process, has grown vegetables before, even in containers like we are doing now.

The roses have been in full bloom for a while now, the apricot and peach trees are loaded and beginning to drop the just ripening fruit, not to mention the green ones knocked off by the possum family living between mine and my neighbor's yards.  The dogs also filled with excitement over chasing the rabbits from their space every chance they get.  If they would just stop catching their leashes on the sprinklers and snapping them off!  Gives me something else to tinker with out there, I guess...

All in all, even though many questions have run through my mind this week, not all of them answered to my satisfaction, still a very satisfying peaceful end to the week.  And a pretty good start to the summer weekend adventures. 

Monday, June 21, 2010

A twist in the journey....

I apologize for my punctuality with this new endeavor, however, I find that I am struggling with it more than I expected I would.  So for now, I will try not to be so hard on myself about it, but focus more on sharing with you my reflections....   

I believe life is a wonderful journey full of twists that give meaning to the sometimes boring meanderings of a  far wandering road.  There are days when it seems the scenery is forever flat fields of endless greens and browns, occasionally speckled with some tan, brown or black cow or sheep or....  And then there are other times when life throws in a sudden turn in the road, taking us in new directions.  The journey is sometimes short until we recognize the familiarity of the view.  And then other times, it seems like all we are doing is driving for endless miles, sometimes circles, just waiting for the turnoff to a new adventure.

Currently I am really not sure where my road is leading to.  It has the familiarity of the day to day tasks of work and long time friends.  Some now only to be found in the memories of my mind, others there on a day to day basis.  And recently, a new, but familiar twist - seeing a friend not seen in many years.  I found myself exploring nervously the map - trying to find the old roads not driven in a while, yet also filled with the excitement of exploring the roads leading to a part of town I am not familiar with - the present and what she is all about now.    I am hoping that this part of my journey continues to allow me to enjoy the trip, merging the old with the new.  A new road, yet one that passes through the town I remember from long ago. 

Maybe I will pull off and rest a while here, taking in the beauty of the land.  Somehow, it feels okay to rest in the woods a while.... or maybe time for a short hike up into the hills.  The sun has set, so the path would only be lit by the stars and the moon, a full moon gently bringing up the path from the darkness of the brush along the sides of the trail.  It feels as if I am climbing the hill, and if I reach the top, I just might be able to touch the moon or the stars as the darkness of the sky and the hill join together in the night.  But as I reach the top of the hill, the stars and the moon slip further into the night sky just beyond my grasp.  So for tonite, I will rest here, and return to my journey in the morning....

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Thoughts of Friendship

I have learned over the years that many people come and go in our lives, but friends remain in our hearts no matter how close or far they may be from us in miles.  And sometimes... we are lucky enough to be reunited with friends whom we have lost touch with.  Whether they are in our lives on a daily basis, a few times a year, or even those who we only get to see on rare occasion, still as friends, they can touch our hearts and thoughts each and every day.

The following poem is one I wrote many years ago to let some friends know how much I appreciated the impact that they left on my being.  (Just recently, I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to share it with one of the friends it was written for.)


The many discoveries about myself this year,
So often filled with such anxiety and fear;
The battles were great, the triumphs too small,
It wouldn't have happened without you near.

The hidden feelings you so often found clear,
The struggles I fought so as not to hear;
The eyes were wet, the tears to fall,
It wouldn't have happened without you near.

When I was down you helped me to cheer,
A friend was needed, you acted the peer;
The phone would ring, you thought to call,
It wouldn't have happened without you near.

For me you acted the long needed mirror,
You helped me confront the pain and the fear;
You showed me strength, destroyed the wall,
It wouldn't have happened without you near.

You're a friend to cherish and to hold dear,
It wouldn't have happened without you near.

I hope you enjoyed the poem.   I look forward to sharing my reflections with you all.