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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Delicate Wings and Fairy Dust

Illustration by:  Cicely Mary Barker
as shared at Monday's Child
With delicate wings and fairy dust,
Dreams drift on the breezes of this you see,
Magical days of splendor must,
Honeybees pollinate blossoms beauty.

Tender glimpses of secrets share,
Sun-ripened days to fill with joyous play,
Green leaves stage, fairy's wings to flare,
Carnations bloom scents to address the day...

Sweetened moments for us to drink,
Magical nectar from the air is drawn,
Glistening juice, but don't you blink,
This nectar's sweet tastes, they soon shall be gone.

With delicate wings and fairy dust,
Magical days of splendor must,
Carnations' nectar from the air is drawn,
This nectar's sweet scents, it too shall be gone...

Petrina Lesko
May 2011

Such a magical moment held within the illustration by Cicely Mary Barker, as shared over at Monday's Child... fair of face  for this week's prompt.  Immediately, I was carried off to magical dreams and fairies gracing beauty like a honeybee in the springtime.  Please stop by Monday's Child and share in the fun of writing and inspiring our young readers.


Anonymous said...

Hello! Your Poetry is wonderful! I would like to invite you to a May Poetry challenge I am hosting.
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Jingle Poetry said...

creative, share with us as well...

bless you.

Celestial Dreamz said...

loved reading :)

Claudia said...

dreamy and magical...fairy dust...nice..

signed...bkm said...

I love the delicate wings and fairy dust...and we have to enjoy the season while everything is still in bloom...thank you for posting and sharing...bkm

cheryl said...

This is so sweet. I'm a fan of Cicelys art and you do it justice :)

oceanwavesinblue said...

super sweet.

oceanwavesinblue said...

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Have fun exploring your peer’s poetry/short stories,
Thanks for the time!
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