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Monday, July 18, 2011

On Winged Flight

As One Stop Poetry finds itself in its final days, hours...  Gay Cannon has presented us with Form Monday and Brendan MacOdrum as the host of Poetry and Myth...  For this wonderfully informative final lesson, link here.  It is a fabulous challenging and educational piece.   So for this weeks challenge, Brendan has offered this:  Post a poem that is somehow based on a myth or folktale. Put your history into its mystery; you’ll discover the gods are still very much with us, raising all kinds of heaven and hell between the margins of the page.

On Winged Flight

Born when death betook her head,
On winged flight, bestow instead,
Upon this steed, the hero rose,
To the shores wherefor he chose,
Slay the demon in hopes to wed.

Thus placed up in the heavens told,
Carried ye forth to mountains fold,
For with your step, the waters spring,
Placed in your care, from Hippocrene,
The Nine who hold, the Arts we mold.

To sing, to dance, for it is said,
Bestowed your care for we be led,
Tails painted Zeus, upon the skies,
For one to tell within belies,
Thus histories of hungers fed.

Yet we who care for this be led,
The voices spring and it was said,
These glories sung amidst our tries,
Be heard to you, be lost our cries,
For in the night, the stories bled.

And in the day we wander by,
In hopes to find, we swallow sky,
To feed the need within the mind,
Yet him and her, they see us blind,
For us the day is dark, we cry.

Yet be unheard, condemned are we,
When in the night, your tales we see,
But to those here, other things said,
'Voices you hear, just in your head',
So we must seek your world to be.

For in the night the Muses see,
Versions fortold, today's story,
 Alas we show a new found tale,
Yet there it be, a shadow's trail,
For with the Muse, we may be free.

Petrina Lesko
July 2011


Beachanny said...

This is such a fresh look at the Muses. It feels just right - and well said. "For with (my) Muse, I seek to be free" and words fly free and find new homes when flesh ages and surely dies. Thank you for posting today. This was very fine, indeed.

Luke Prater said...

Great response to the Prompt. Muses always provide interesting topic, and provide the motive to write.. sort of paradoxical double here...

Debbie said...

Very good response to the prompt of muses. I like the last line, for with the muse we may be free. have a wonderful day!

Jingle said...

wow, three piece within 24 hours, how creative you are.

beautiful take.

Daydreamertoo said...

Yes, the Gods are with us.
You have written something lasting yourself in this piece. A lovely muse, too.

Marbles in My Pocket said...

Absolutely! Very well said. The ryhme and meter are wonderful and the story is familiar and told beautifully!

Anonymous said...

A tale with systematic rhythm is a something to admire...

Anonymous said...

Is something to admire, I mean... :)

Brian Miller said...

very well penned...i think my muse is a squirrel...not nearly as poetic as yours...smiles.

Louise Gallagher said...

I felt submerged in poefry from the past carried forward through your voice from Yeats or Browning or ... Beautiful!

hedgewitch said...

You've done some interesting work with word order here. 'Yet unheard condemned we are" very true.

Pat Hatt said...

You're muse really struck you with this piece, wonderfully done!

Anonymous said...

loved it.

signed...bkm said...

love the "demon he hopes to wed" --the contrasts here are great especially this one a great folktale..bkm

Jo Bryant said...

Such a journey you take us on - wonderful

Anonymous said...

I love the rhythm of this, a mesmerizing tale!

Joseph Hesch said...

Those voices in the head that we hear at night? If they're not Muses, then they are some other blessing that inspires us to put pen to paper and craft intricate and entertaining objects of art such as this piece.