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Monday, March 21, 2011

I Missed the Tea Party

First, my apologies to all who read my blog and follow along.  I have been rather scarce over the last couple of weeks.   Life has been rather hectic and stressed and I have not been able to get the creative juices flowing in the directions I would share.  Thank you all for your patience.  Hopefully, this will be a sign that the juices are flowing once again.

Interesting timing on this post... for it reminisces of a long told tale, one most everyone knows, yet one I only heard of as a child.  A tale I've often said, "I need to pick it up and read it now" curious of it's wonders shared.  Of course, I've heard bits and pieces over the years, but never actually read the tale in it's whole.  I think maybe it will be one of my reads in the near future.  A must you see!

Tea Party Illustration by Fernando Falcone
as shared at Monday's Child
I Missed the Tea Party

This 'tea party' I did not see,
Though often told to children wee,
For fate left it unsaid to me,
Of Alice's Wonderland glee.

Often thought of, and wondered too,
This Mad Hatter, and bunnies do,
Tell of this tale, to many through,
Tea Party shared with she and you.

This tale shall be read soon you see,
For fate left it unsaid to me,
Cups and saucers filled with your tea,
Empty seats for friends... absent we.

'Alice in Wonderland' tale told,
But fate missed the twist,  I must hold,
This glorious book, of  tale old,
So off to the bookstore, sale sold.

I shall sit down with book to read,
Wonderland seems such a great need,
To share in this story, do lead,
Together my friend, we will read.

To the 'tea party' we will be,
A child wee, I am not you see,
But wishing Wonderland is me,
Together my friend, we will be.

Petrina Lesko
March 2011

I am linking this post over at Monday's Child: fair of face for it was the inspiration for this poem.  The wonderful illustration is by Fernando Falcone.  Hope you all enjoyed my poem.  To read others that were inspired, click here.


thingy said...

I did miss your beautiful poetry. Sometimes, it is good to take a break.

Lovely poem, Petrina. : )

Lisa said...

Glad to have you back. Hope all gets better in your world.

Nice take on the post.

JL Dodge said...

Awe, no one should have missed Alice in wonderland as a child, we do hope you read it soon and write another poem of it when you finish, we think that would be cool to see too!
You are a gifted writer, it is a pleasure to read your poems.

Kathe W. said...

good to see you are back- and I hope things are settling down for you? Alice oh Dear dear Alice- I loved Alice in Wonderland and read and reread all through my childhood, Enjoy!

signed...bkm said...

I am glad to see you back too..I understand the hectic...my husband is having some health issues and it is hard to focus on writing..so first all is well with you...and as far as the story...You just enjoy ever word of Alice and all her characters...I love the Mad Hatter ..I loved Disney's original version of the movie ...it still is my favorite...thank you for joining in on the fun...bkm

Myrna R. said...

Patrina, I read Alice in Wonderland about a year ago and loved. It's not too long and you can read it on line for free. Love your poem about it.

Lyn said...

Happy to see you back..and Alice is on my bucket list, too..so many to read..hope there's time!! This was so well done and thoughtful..

NatureFootstep said...

I heard it as child too. In Sweden. :)