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Monday, March 7, 2011

Generosity of the Heart

Pondering the thought of mentors and role models.... What continues to go through my mind is "Do as I say, not as I do."  I've heard those words so many times in my life, so many times as a child, or from parents of children I know.  Yet the most profound thing that I can think of about those few people who I have considered mentors, the exact opposite is the resounding formula.  From each of those women, men, people... the greatest of their impacts was given by observation of how they lived their lives, how they treated everyone they came in contact with...

Generosity of the Heart

Generosity of the heart,
Silent words hidden beyond deeds,
Grace in life, framed by days like art,
Absent requests, fulfilling needs.

Generosity of the heart,
Nature so giving, selfless breeds,
First thoughts of others, always start,
Sharing worlds, to young ones she reads.

Generosity of the heart,
Preparing lessons, other leads,
Sharing meals, filling up the cart,
Gardens planted, sharing the seeds.

Generosity of the heart,
Absent requests, fulfilling needs.

Petrina Lesko
March 2011

Today over at Jingle Poetry it's time for Poetry Potluck and this weeks theme is Idols, Role Models and Mentors.  I've spent quite a few moments over the past week thinking about those people I would consider mentors trying to decipher why theirs held such an impact.  The above poem is what I came up with.  I hope you enjoyed it, to read others, click here.

Just popped over to the 'March Challenge' at the Cloaked Monk's Blog, tomorrow's theme is Abundance so it seems fitting to add this Haiku to connect there also.

ultimate sharing
generosity of heart
mentors' abundance

Petrina Lesko
March 8, 2011


Dasuntoucha said...

...the greatest of their impacts was given by observation of how they lived their lives, how they treated everyone they came in contact with...

...agreed! Your poem is definitely a fitting tribute to these individuals...felt

ds said...

A lovely tribute both in prose and poem. "Absent requests, fulfilling needs." Quietly going about their lives with great heart. Your words have that quality, too.

trisha said...

the first one is a splendid beauty and the haiku says that in a nutshell.

both are beautiful and i too believe in your way of looking at mentors.


Anonymous said...

lovely.. thank you for sharing this.. my potluck- http://fiveloaf.wordpress.com/2011/03/08/nectar-from-heaven/

Madeleine Begun Kane said...

Both poems are lovely!

Anonymous said...

nicely written, especially loved 'Gardens planted, sharing the seeds.' Thank you again for visiting my blog.

vivinfrance said...

Very well said. Abundant generosity of heart.

Jingle said...

what a fundamental take on potluck, wow.

perfect or extraordinary imagery..
enjoyed the flow so very much,

your poetry rocks.

izzy said...

Mentors are truly great! nice work with generosity and rhyme. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Excellent- on both fronts. Lovely.

Myrna R. said...

I loved reading this post. Your poems are lovely. Thank you for reminding me of the gratitude I owe my mentors. They have been like angels in the flesh.

Olivia said...

Wonderful words woven here I say!
You gave the parameters for the idols too to frequent upon- why not?

Just because they are doesn't mean they are always right :)

Hugs xx

Brian Miller said...

i like the wrap around to "absent requests, fulfilling needs" you captured well the essence of a mentor...

Mike Patrick said...

Your heart doth overflow.

Margaret said...

sweet words in tribute. ..."Silent words hidden beyond deeds,
Grace in life, framed by days like art" Beautiful.

lightverse said...

Generosity of heart and showing by example are definitely what gives the best teaching and learning moments. Very true! And well said!

Anonymous said...

Very nice ... thank you for sharing. ~becca

Reggie said...

I couldn't agree more....a very nice tribute...

Kavita said...

WOW!! Those last 2 lines really summed it up beautifully, Petrina..
People are looked up to for their hearts, their giving nature (in some form or the other), and their way of handling everyday matters... eventually, that's what counts!

Very nicely written, my friend..

Sinderella Studio Designs said...

I hope you sent copies of this to those that inspired you in this way - beautiful.

Christine said...

very inspiring, beautiful post

Anonymous said...

I have nominated you for the well-deserved Versatile Blogger Award: http://louisedouglas.wordpress.com/category/awards/