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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Magical Moments

Home and the Fairies
by Michael Zancan @  DeviantArt
Sitting... staring at the page taped to the wall in front of me... sitting, mesmerized by the sunlight pouring pixie dust down from the sky, dusting me and my image... magically converting my world.

Always, waiting quietly for the inspirations... allowing the plants to tangle around my directions, guiding my brush, it's hairs, transforming the silhouettes into magical wonders before my eyes.

Here in this quiet place, deep within my room, deep within my soul, an outpouring of inspiration, the page before me becoming a quilt of days, nights, moments frozen in time of days so long ago, days when fairies and pixie dust existed... as real to my days as the sun beating down, highlighting the colors of a single rose.  As real to my days as the darkness is to the night.  As real as the terrors are when the days become dark.

Yet here in these quiet moments, a world transforms, fairies dance through the air taking height, swirling around, sparkling, floating upward to the heavens, to peaceful masterpieces left as their legacies.

Petrina Lesko
February 2011

This magical moment was the photo prompt this morning over at Thursday Tales hosted by Leo and Yamini Meduri.  It is a wonderful link for those wanting to create a short tale to share with other writers.  The word limits are between 55 and 777 words.  Won't you join us and check out some amazing writers takes on this lovely photo prompt offered up this week.


John McElveen said...

AWESOME!!!!!! I wanna play next time!


joanny said...

Lovely , we all could use some pixie dust cascading down on us now and then,,,

have a nice week end,

kenny said...

super read, thanks for the link

Mama Zen said...

This is so lovely!

The Write Girl said...

This brought such a smile to my face! This is truly a wonderful fairy tale. I love the flow in your writing. Stunning!