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Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Like wings of a dove
Lifting to unending skies
Bound at last for home.

Petrina Lesko
December 2010

I am linking this short Haiku to One Shot Wednesday where you can find many poems by many others.  They accept all types of poetry from anyone.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Black Leather Gloves

photo prompt for Magpie #46
 As she came down the stairs, her hand gliding across the smoothness of the banister, the gloves there on the wooden phone table, she let her thoughts flow freely recalling the midnight sky of last night.  Standing on the pier, waiting for him, the night air was brisk and as she slipped the leather gloves over the long slender fingers, snowflakes dancing in the night, one landing on the back of her hand, twinkling against the black leather like the stars in the darkness of the midnight sky.  Then she felt his hand as he tenderly touched her neck, brushing the hair aside, then kissing her neck as he engulfed her in his strong arms.  They stood there together, watching the snowflakes dance down to the water, as if landing in the spotlight of the stage.  She could feel the warmth of his embrace in the night air, the scent of him filled her mind with thoughts of the lingering night.  The walk along the pier, him on bended knee, asking..... 

She couldn't wait for this day to end, to see him, be in his arms again, even though she was only on her way down the stairs for her morning cup of tea.

Petrina Lesko
December 2010

I am linking this post to Magpie Tales as it was inspired by this weeks photo prompt, #46.  Hope you enjoyed this short tale.  To read others inspired by this prompt, stop by Magpie Tales to share those written by others.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Twas Just This Morning When

photo by Adam Dustus @ One Shoot Sunday
Twas just this morning when,
Children circling on ice, laughing,
Thoughts of presents under the tree,
Lights like tiny stars sparkling in the day.

Twas just this morning when,
Sounds of glory, music played,
Men in suits, beating their drums,
All lined marching the wonder of the day.

Twas just this morning when,
We waited at gates, searching faces,
Memories of days gone by, Christmas' past,
All waiting to be shared here in these moments now.

Twas just this morning when,
Families gathered round the tree,
Wee little ones, waiting for these gifts,
All sitting round gathered for another present day.

Petrina Lesko
December 2010

I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday season, filled with moments, memories to be felt for years to come.  Moments in time, forever left as a gift within our hearts.  I am linking this over to One Shoot Sunday and the photo prompt today taken by Adam Dustus.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Child's First Call to Serve

 I've sat here pondering this picture, this weeks prompt over at Magpie Tales hosted by Willow.  Then I read over a few of the other takes, and again sat here pondering this picture.  Throughout this time, my thoughts kept running back to a cold winter's night long ago, a white blanket covering the roads, icicles dangling from the evergreen trees.  As I was about to enter the church for a Christmas Eve service late in the evening, I glanced to the sky as the flakes again began to fall.  There, up high, the stained glass window, very similar to this, caught my attention as the streetlight rays bounced off of the babe, sending a ray to the ground in front of where I stood.  And then as I entered the building, the pastor called me to his office, he had a request of me....

A Child's First Call to Serve

I sat quietly nervous, wondering why,
This night of all nights, the Eve of your birth,
Be it that he would ask of me to help, why,
picture prompt #45 for Magpie Tales
What did he know of my time here on earth?

How could he know it was my time to serve You,
My knees bounced, tapping nerves, reading a psalm,
Welling up in my heart, eyes filled with tears too,
How many people,  my heart was still calm.

Then I looked to the colored glass up so high,
Words left my heart remembering The child,
And through my prayers, was You who called me nigh,
The tale we shared, one so tender and mild.

The world's gift, a child born to a man and his wife,
On this night, this the CELEBRATION of Your life.

Petrina Lesko
December 2010

Obviously, it turned into a very special night, one that I shall carry with me always.  Thanks Covell (he was the pastor with the request of this young child).  I believe I had just turned twelve earlier that month... and I believe there were over 150 in attendance.


This is a poem that I wrote many years ago when I was going through a difficult time, however, I also feel that it can apply to changing times in our lives as well.  I'm going to post it over at One Shot Wednesday.  Hope you all enjoy.


We see something we want, desire,
We make a choice...

We expect something in the choice,
We see the change...

Or at least in the choice, our choice,
There is a change...

Is what we expect the same change,
Or yet a new...

Can we expect only specific,
Or only change...

Can we deal with another change,
Or just our choice...

Can a change be used to destroy,
Or choice for strength...

Must it be choice that becomes change,
Or change our choice...

Must change always be a battle,
When choice was us...

My choice was to love you always,
What is our change?

Petrina Lesko
May 1986

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday Sketches - 1st attempt

I've dabbled with various forms of art in the past including soft pastels which I really enjoyed using.  I found some of the oil pastels at a very reasonable price, so thought I would give it a try.  However, scanning it in also caused it to fade a bit, but... here it is. 

Petrina Lesko 2010
Thought I would share it with you all over at Sunday Sketches.  This would be my first attempt... but have been browsing over the last couple of weeks and have been totally fascinated with the idea of combining this with some of my poetry here on my blog.  Hope this sketch shows enough.

Open Roads Travelled

This picture* was taken from One Shoot Sunday this week.  Inspirational thoughts of 'Open Roads' and new beginnings.  Hope you enjoy my take on this prompt.

Feininger, Andreas:  1906-1999, photographer

Open Roads Travelled

Do these roads truly exist anymore?
Long winding roads through open lands,
Wondering to ourselves, what will it have in store,
These open roads travelled, holding the steering wheel in hands.

Do these roads truly exist anywhere?
Cities come closer together as we gather,
Structures dotting the streets, where trees used to care,
These open roads travelled, this soul would surely take to, rather.

Do these roads truly exist anymore?
Leisurely drives reaching for Sunday breezes,
Searching the countryside, outside the house,  the door,
These open roads travelled, memories strong, oh, yes, just teases.

Structures dotting the streets, where trees used to care,
These open roads travelled, longing of days to find, if you dare.

Petrina Lesko
December 2010

*Image via Creative Commons—
The Library of Congress photostream.http://www.flickr.com/photos/library_of_congress/2179126159/

Friday, December 10, 2010


CUT & DRIED by Les Wilson via Thursday Tales

As we pulled down the long driveway, passing the fields near the road, I could see him standing there in the distance.  He was standing in his usual place, leaning over the fence near the yard, looking out to the fields, taking it all in.

As the car pulled to a stop near the old barn, I pushed open the door and bolted, running to let him know we were here.  'Jenny close the car door before...' I could hear the words drift off as I ran toward him.

'What are you doing Gramps?  Is everything okay?...' I rambled as I ran up to him there at the fence.  'Hello Jenny,' he said as he turned and bent down to hug me.  'Everything is good.  I was just appreciating that all is cut and dried, the days work done and looking forward to having dinner with you and your Dad.'  I had already climbed up on the gate and peered over, just as he did, looking, appreciating the beauty of his farm.  Off in the distance, just over where the creek would be, I could see the faint wings of the birds fluttering about near the tree.

As he entered the house, 'Hi Mom, how are you?  How was your day?'  She turned looking to him drying her hands on the towel draped over her apron.  'Good, all is cut and dried, the roast is just about ready.  Where's Jenny?'  'She's already out, hanging on the fence, taking it all in.  She loves the beauty just about as much as I did when I was her age,'  he answered.  He placed the cake on the counter and asked if there was anything he could help with as he leaned over kissing her on the cheek.  'You can go try to hurry 'em up, otherwise he'll be standing at that old fence until the cows come home.' They both laughed and he turned, walking out the kitchen door, coming toward where we were.

...She opened the door and walked out to the porch, looking in the direction of the gate.  There, the three stood silhouettes, leaning on the old fence, the sunset just beyond, orange filled skies rising just above their heads.

This is my first attempt for Thursday Tales.  The photo this week is by Les Wilson called 'Cut & Dried'.  Hope you enjoy short tale.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Just to Be

This was written quite a long time ago, but seemed fitting for this day and age and the busy days of holiday preparations.  I am linking this over at One Shot Wednesday.  Hope you all enjoy.

Just to Be

I look around me now,
As I sit and wonder how,
Each day I look to find the new,
But all I can want, is free and true...

I look around to feel,
As I sit the free is real,
Each day I look to find the way,
But all I can want, is through the day...

I look around me now,
As I sit and wonder how,
Each day I look to find the why,
But all I can want, is to see sky...

I look around to feel,
As I sit the free is real,
Each day I look to find the sun,
But all I can want, is to have won...

I look around me now,
As I sit and wonder how,
Each day I look to find the me,
But all I can want, is just to be...

I look around to feel,
As I sit the free is real,
Each day I look to find the me,
But all I can want, is just to be!

Petrina Lesko

Dreams of Snow Days

The following poem was inspired by thoughts of childhood days, fun-filled times with friends and the youth of wonderland awe, memories sparked by the picture posted at this weeks prompt on Magpie Tales.  As always, thank you once again Willow for another great challenge.

prompt #44 for Magpie Tales
Dreams of Snow Days

Slumber wakes dreams of sleigh bells ringing nigh,
Hills to climb, my turn is sure to be soon.
Up on the hill, getting ready so high,
Evening darkness lit by beams of moon.

Snowflakes glisten over the hills for me,
The blanket so white, not a step is there,
To my window I jump hoping there be,
For in my dreams, school is out, I don't care.

Today will be one of playing in snow,
Balls flying high across the streets at you,
Men created by you and me to show,
Snow days coming, oh so long overdue.

Pops, hurry up please, and pull down the sleigh,
Out in the wonderland for all today!

Petrina Lesko
December 2010

Hoping everyone is having a great week so far, with not too much of the white stuff to deal with on their busy mornings getting off to work.  Enjoy!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Lucky Dog Dreams

We walked, eyes wide open into the vast space,
You stand aware of each breath of wind,
Each voice hidden in tiny spaces, searching the day,
Trespassing through the rose bushes, catching scents,
You stand aware of each breath of wind.

Ears perked, listening to the whispers of the frog,
Head cocks to watch the flame-like leaf swirl,
Fluttering downward, catching a breath, twirling,
It lands in the lifeless bed, flames laying down to ash,
You stand aware of each breath of wind.

Wings flutter past, catching your wide open eyes,
You spring forth, the excitement welling up, eager,
The bird dances in the air above, only to land beyond,
Beyond the length of your leash, just beyond hope,
You stand aware of each breath of wind.

Moments of Guidance, reminders of all that is close,
Excitement burns within your soul, eager to see,
With eyes wide open, to see the Freedom of nature,
Desire burning within to chase after rabbit scents,
You stand aware of each breath of wind.

Petrina Lesko
December 2010

I am linking this post, to One Single Impression for the inspirational thoughts on the Freedom of nature, to Sunday Scribblings for prompt #244: Guidance and to Jingle Poetry for this weeks Poetry Potluck Monday the topic being: Dreams, Visions and Reverie.  Connect to these links to see other takes on the prompts.

A Linguering Kiss

Over at One Stop Poetry today, there is an interview of Texas photographer  Lisa Michelle Arhontidis and the photo for today's One Shoot Sunday was provided by her.  Please check out these sites for more exciting photography and for other writer's takes on this wonderful photo.

photo by Lisa Michelle Arhontidis

A Linguering Kiss

His lips trace, a kiss linguers on her neck,
Fills her with his love, his passion for her...
Hers, loving ebb, wells to meet him halfway,
Bridging the space between us, him and her.

Passions become one, united in love,
Tender moments, lost gaps between the two,
Each feeling, knowing together is US,
Feeling us, being forever in love.

Petrina Lesko
December 2010

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Promised Forever

This piece is a bit on the dark side, inspired by domestic abuse and my reading a post by another on this topic.  Please if you know anyone going through this awful situation, do anything you can to offer a glimmer of hope.

Promised Forever

Promised forever, til death do us part,
Precious children, bestowed upon their care,
Difficulties there, all right from the start,
Illness progress, with no one could she share.

Quietly stealing, a thief in the night,
Ravaging, raping, her body and soul,
Stealing for himself, her God given right,
Year after year, all this taking its toll.

Hands clasp tight on her throat, stopping her breath,
Screams interrupted, the young child would hear,
Her, him, you two, me... tonight will be death,
Silver glimmers in light,,, the end is near.

Promised forever, til death do us part,
Illness progressing, all right from the start.

Petrina Lesko
December 2010

I am linking this poem over on One Shot Wednesday hosted every Wednesday by One Stop Poetry.  If you would like to read others poetry, stop on by for some great writes.

Word Shadows

Elusive shadows
Thoughts banter within my soul
Waiting to be penned

Creative Writing Ink

Footprints in the sand
As elusive as the words
Floating from my heart

Petrina Lesko
December 2010

I am linking this post both to Creative Writing Ink  for this weeks photo prompt and to One Shot Wednesday