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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Twas Just This Morning When

photo by Adam Dustus @ One Shoot Sunday
Twas just this morning when,
Children circling on ice, laughing,
Thoughts of presents under the tree,
Lights like tiny stars sparkling in the day.

Twas just this morning when,
Sounds of glory, music played,
Men in suits, beating their drums,
All lined marching the wonder of the day.

Twas just this morning when,
We waited at gates, searching faces,
Memories of days gone by, Christmas' past,
All waiting to be shared here in these moments now.

Twas just this morning when,
Families gathered round the tree,
Wee little ones, waiting for these gifts,
All sitting round gathered for another present day.

Petrina Lesko
December 2010

I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday season, filled with moments, memories to be felt for years to come.  Moments in time, forever left as a gift within our hearts.  I am linking this over to One Shoot Sunday and the photo prompt today taken by Adam Dustus.


dustus said...

"'Twas just this morning..." and how quickly a memory the time became! So fitting you refer to the day as a "present." Sounds like it was a present you enjoyed. Cheers, Petrina. Very nice write and thoughtful message.

moondustwriter said...

Beautifully penned
Sad that it's the day after that special morning

Best to you

Jehanne said...

beautiful words :)Very visual, especially the first and last verses.

Don Carlo said...

Attractive is the shape of your words, and their simple meanings of hope, peace, and some moments in my day which will never be forgot...

Claudia said...

twas just this morning - liked the repetition and the shape of the poem and the waiting at gates..

Sumit Sarkar said...

Lovely...I like this poetry form..
and the first line repeating makes it even more awesome... :)

John McElveen said...

Beautiful, Simple, Stunning!

Bottom Line-- THANKS!!

Be Blessed!


Anonymous said...

I love how you used the repetition of the first line to draw us into the recent memories of Christmas. Joyous and creative 2011 to you.

Jingle said...

well done.
magic occurs at a moment of transformation.
keep up the excellence.

Anonymous said...

Lovely. Beautiful. Visual. Great job!

Anonymous said...

And so the present becomes memories-- nice write!

Rachel Hoyt said...

A very nice poetic response to the One Shoot Sunday photo. Well Done.

Rhyme Me a Smile

kathew said...

LOvely piece. Happy New Year!