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Friday, December 10, 2010


CUT & DRIED by Les Wilson via Thursday Tales

As we pulled down the long driveway, passing the fields near the road, I could see him standing there in the distance.  He was standing in his usual place, leaning over the fence near the yard, looking out to the fields, taking it all in.

As the car pulled to a stop near the old barn, I pushed open the door and bolted, running to let him know we were here.  'Jenny close the car door before...' I could hear the words drift off as I ran toward him.

'What are you doing Gramps?  Is everything okay?...' I rambled as I ran up to him there at the fence.  'Hello Jenny,' he said as he turned and bent down to hug me.  'Everything is good.  I was just appreciating that all is cut and dried, the days work done and looking forward to having dinner with you and your Dad.'  I had already climbed up on the gate and peered over, just as he did, looking, appreciating the beauty of his farm.  Off in the distance, just over where the creek would be, I could see the faint wings of the birds fluttering about near the tree.

As he entered the house, 'Hi Mom, how are you?  How was your day?'  She turned looking to him drying her hands on the towel draped over her apron.  'Good, all is cut and dried, the roast is just about ready.  Where's Jenny?'  'She's already out, hanging on the fence, taking it all in.  She loves the beauty just about as much as I did when I was her age,'  he answered.  He placed the cake on the counter and asked if there was anything he could help with as he leaned over kissing her on the cheek.  'You can go try to hurry 'em up, otherwise he'll be standing at that old fence until the cows come home.' They both laughed and he turned, walking out the kitchen door, coming toward where we were.

...She opened the door and walked out to the porch, looking in the direction of the gate.  There, the three stood silhouettes, leaning on the old fence, the sunset just beyond, orange filled skies rising just above their heads.

This is my first attempt for Thursday Tales.  The photo this week is by Les Wilson called 'Cut & Dried'.  Hope you enjoy short tale.


gs batty said...

you created a greeat story with the picture. Enjoyed the ending. nice writing

Yamini Meduri said...

nice one dear...i enjoyed the tale...!!!

thanks for joining the Tales Train..!!it has always been special to find new writers at Thursday Tales...I definitely enjoyed the tale..!!

Keep coming and keep writing and keep sharing..!!

See you next Thursday..!!

Coloring Outside the Lines said...

Great story that matched the prompt perfectly!

ds said...

Very nice, sweet story; I loved the ending.

jaerose said...

Yes, a beautiful ending..we are on opposite sides of the world but I can picture this scene you have created as if it were just down the road from me..lovely writing..Jae ;) (thanks for your visit..'there's no place like home!')

AleMaho said...

I agree with the others.
The ending is really good!! =)