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Monday, January 24, 2011

What if Poetry Wasn't?

What if poetry was gone forever from this wonderful world we live in?  What if poetry never existed?

What if all the great poets before us were never introduced to this spectacular world that we make so much a part of our days?  What if Sylvia Plath, Emily Dickinson, Lord Byron, T.S. Elliot, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, John Keats, William Shakespeare were never given the venue to share their words?  What if that wonderful teacher, friend, parent never knew of poetry and never shared it with you?  How different would your world today be?  How different would you be?

How many of you wrote your first poem as a child?  How many of you, given the opportunity to read poetry as a child were truly inspired with this wonderful way of expressing those thoughts, those things welling up inside of us, waiting for just the right outlet?  How many of you were lucky enough as a child to have someone share this fabulous world with you, so it would remain, and inspire you for years to come?

Last night I was browsing my comments and glancing over some of the prompts offered up for Mondays and I was touched, deeply, sadly, at finding out that our dear friend, bkmackenzie, founder of  Monday's Child: fair of face, was announcing that this would be the last week that she would offer this fabulous prompt.  She doesn't see that there is enough interest to keep offering up this prompt, this venue where we poets can create and hopefully inspire the younger generation about this fabulous world we delve to explore on a daily basis.  What if you could never read another poem?

Please, if you remember that childhood spark, that exciting and fabulous feeling of discovery when you read or wrote your first poem as a child, stop over at  Monday's Child: fair of face and extend your support and let her know what a fabulous and important prompt she has offered... We would all love to read an offering from you, for the children of the world, the future generations, the special child in your world.

Let us all continue to share this fabulous world of words, form, structures.

As always,

                 Petrina Lesko aka Reflections


Natasha said...

I am on my way! You have compelled me to visit the site of another...we'll have to do coffee another time! (And thanks for your kind comments as well!)

Brian Miller said...

will head over...have never participated in mondays child...

Jingle Poetry said...

sorry for the news.
I attended 70% of the time..

Glad to have you support, she shall continue.

ds said...

i have never visited, much less participated, but will go now, though it be late...