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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Thursday Tales - His Last Goodbye

"Please, give me a moment, will you?"
"Of course sir, but we don't have long, they'll be here soon."
"Just a moment that's all, I just need to take it all in for one last moment..."

There's a knock on the door, three beats, then a pause.  "Sir, they're here, we have to go now."
"Yes, yes, go answer the door.  Let them in please."

Gentle footsteps cross the studio floor as another knock pounds.  With the creak of the door opening, "Yes, can I help you sir, I mean ma'am."
"Is he still here, is he here?"
"Yes, of course, he's over near the easel, just a moment and I'll get him for you."  quick footsteps can be heard as the younger man walks up behind his chair.
"She's here, she wants to see you sir."
"Okay, okay, let her back.  I just needed a moment, thank you for getting the door."

Her footsteps, impatiently clicking as she too walks up behind his chair... "Father, we have to... What's this?"
"My last tribute to her."
"You did this?  But it's exquisite... you?  You did this?"
"Of course I did this, you are in my studio, aren't you?  Who do you think did this?"
"But... how?  You really did this?  Father it's an amazing piece.  You said you couldn't paint.  You said you didn't have it in the crippled hands anymore..."
"Yes, I said that.  And I don't.  It's time to let it rest.  It's time."
"But Father, this is amazing!  Have you done any others?  Is this the only one?"
"No... no others.  Just this final goodbye to a world lost a long time ago."
"But Father, how?  How did you manage such a fine piece?  Are you sure it's time?  We could keep the studio.  I mean if you still can paint, we don't have to sell it right now..."
"Yes we do... It's time.  It's time!"

Just then there is another, softer, knock on the door.
"As I said, dear sweet Anne.  It's time.  Opportunity knocks, you don't want to keep her waiting.  Go let the new owners in.  Go answer the door."

painter, montmartre
by Somebody 3121
 written by
Petrina Lesko
January 2011

This picture prompt was found via Thursday Tales, prompt #44.  It is by Somebody 3121 and can be found here over at deviantART.


Margaret Bednar said...

Quite an amazing "last hurrah!".

Anonymous said...

Very moving. A nice tribute to a life once lived.

EVA said...

Lovely, poignant and tender. So well done!