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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Beacon of Hope

Though the beacon has
long been dimmed, still
I watch the cliff side shores
of my journey, searching
for your light which has
guided so many before
me to their resting place.

photograph by Petrina Lesko

Brought home to lands
filled with beauty.
Home to a land waiting,
offering a life free of
the shadows of time,
shadows of souls once lost
to this journey of hope.

Still I search o'er the seas,
this vessel trying to
stay afloat amidst storms
of turbulent waters.
Like many before me
journeying to far off lands
in hope of a new life.

Your beam renders prospects,
hope shining, like the hand
outstretched, points us in the
direction of safe harbors.
Inlets wrapped in arms,
moorings that anchor us
to the bosom of the land.

Ventura, CA
photograph by Petrina Lesko

Distant cries of lost souls
thunder down, shadows
stirring the past, the distant
silhouette sailing near
the horizon's end, closer
to that everlasting place
where the sea meets sky.

Though the beacon has
long been dimmed, still
I watch the cliff side shores
of my journey, searching
for your light which has
guided so many before...
home to their safe harbors.

Petrina Lesko
January 2011

I am linking this post over at One Shot Wednesday.  Hope you all enjoyed this poem and are having a wonderful week, the beginning of our journeys into 2011.

I've just discovered Watery Wednesday and thought this post would be appropriate.  Think I will drop in, link up and check out all the other great photos of watery places.


dustus said...

Nothing like picturesque lighthouses. Had the chance to see many in Northern MI this summer. You describe their meaning and allure very well. Cheers

ds said...

Wonderful poem, and beautiful photos. You've nailed the importance of the lighthouse, and made the touches of old-fashioned language shine for today. Well done!

anthonynorth said...

Beautiful words to accompany great pics.

Brian Miller said...

lighthouses have always been a fond metaphor for me and i need that light to remind me...

Magical Mystical Teacher said...


See the water seekers go
Up and down and two and fro
Looking for a drop or two
Of wet stuff to share with you!

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Guadalajara Fountain

Ebie said...

Welcome to Watery Wednesday!

Such beautiful poetry and photos! I love light houses too, been to Point Vicente.

Beautiful fading shot of the tall ship on the Ventura Harbor.

Thanks for stopping by.

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Wow, beautiful poem and beautiful photos! Thank you so much for stopping by to say hello today.

Take care,


Myrna R. said...

Beautiful. Photos and poem combine perfectly.

Claudia said...

beautiful words and a beautiful photo - i always wanted to live in a lighthouse when i was a child - your poem brought this wish back to my mind and heart..

Rajlakshmi said...

the longing... the hope of Return ... the wait ... all so beautifully captured
lovely write.

signed...bkm said...

`Beautiful tale and the picture of Ventura CA...very nice...what a beautiful place..the lighthouses along the coast are a tribute to seafarers and their bravery...bkm

EG Wow said...

These photos make me feel homesick for the ocean!

Anonymous said...

Hanging off Dustus's comment here a bit but I must concur - you want some quality lighthouses, check the Michigan coast, particularly in the north. Some truly gorgeous buildings in places, I must say. Very entrancing, and beckoning, at times.

Some lovely shots there, coinciding with beautiful words for the lighthouses, in their description and the importance of their purpose. Certainly makes a person long for the shore...

Kavita said...

Dim or not, that beacon sure offers to be a great guide to many a lost soul...
It takes a determined heart to keep on the lookout for that ray of light!
A very beautifully written poem.. loved the way it flowed, just like the waves of the ocean...

Verse on, my friend..

SuziCate said...

I have a penchant for lighthouses, so I especially like this one. (really nice pics)We each have a light that guides us. concrete verbs, good images, nice poem.

moondustwriter said...

Love the pictures of my favorite coast ( was just there today)
what a beautiful reflection (no pun) of the light house and her faithfulness. there is a symbolism there as well.
The poem even fits your overall theme of your site.

thanks for sharing with One Shot - great to have you

Anonymous said...

Love the lighthouse and the poem. You are very talented. I enjoy when you write from what you love. You can tell in the words.

Anonymous said...

You should print more of your pictures with your words.

NatureFootstep said...

nice post!

Anonymous said...

A lovely poem...just the presence of the lighthouse seems to bring a sense of comfort even though the light has long since been dimmed.

Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

The lighthouse is our guide, even when the light is dimmed. Beautiful thoughts and photos.

Katherine said...

Vivid description but still allowing the readers to form an image in their own minds. Beautiful poem! :)And hope being likened to a lighthouse is so apt.


Steve Isaak said...

Solid, good tale-versing.