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Monday, September 26, 2011

Yesterday's Shadow

whispered morning breaths
golden fire lies down her path
Willow stands weeping

yesterday's shadow welcomes
Autumn's naked silhouette  

Petrina Lesko
September 2011

linking to dVerse OpenLinkNight

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Raven's Truth Be Told

Mag 84

She whispers secrets
 into the night
the heavens mourn
the raven's truth be told

Petrina Lesko
September 2011

linked to Magpie Tales

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Just To Be for dVerse Poetics

Today over at dVerse it is once again time for Poetics.  This week Joy has shared with us a bit of Edgar Allen Poe and Charles Bukowski to emphasize the impact that repetition can have in poetry.  Immediately I thought of a poem I wrote years ago that would be just right for this topic.  Please keep in mind, this poem was written far back in the day, before I got into poetry form, etc.  Hope you like it.

Just to Be

I look around me now,

As I sit and wonder how,

Each day I look to find the new,

But all I can want, is free and true...

I look around to feel,

As I sit the free is real,

Each day I look to find the way,

But all I can want, is through the day...

I look around me now,

As I sit and wonder how,

Each day I look to find the why,

But all I can want, is to see sky...

I look around to feel,

As I sit the free is real,

Each day I look to find the sun,

But all I can want, is to have won...

I look around me now,

As I sit and wonder how,

Each day I look to find the me,

But all I can want, is just to be...

I look around to feel,

As I sit the free is real,

Each day I look to find the me,

But all I can want, is just to be!

Petrina Lesko
May 1986

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Is This Not Wisdom

They say that wisdom comes
with age, that it is knowledge
gained over time, through
life's experiences,

when you catch the wonder
in the eyes of a small child
as he examines the
delicate lines and
soft colors of
a butterfly

or when his stride hesitates
to sip in the beauty of the
solitary rose in Mom's

or she unearths the vines,
roots and all, of Dad's
prize pumpkin, just
to see what makes
it grow so much
bigger than all
the others

she runs excitedly in declaring,
"Mom, the skies on fire!"
you step out to behold
the most vibrant sunset
you have ever

I ask you then...
is this not a wisdom
that so many of us
can learn from?

Petrina Lesko
September 2011

Shadows Transform

touch simply one heart
reaching beyond just the words
make differences
in each day that our words pen
carrying messages forth

this reason to write
sharing thoughts with the vast world
left like shadows of our self
for discoveries by you
leaving impressions, questions

new, changed, altered mark this day
futures to discern
meanings of shadows transform
in each interpretation

as does the sun's light
rising over the mountain
casting forth brightness
night becomes day in beauty
gifts left to grace all the days

Petrina Lesko
September 22, 2011

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

In Honor of Alzheimer's Day...

disjointed pictures
fragmented bits of this life
scattered through my day

Petrina Lesko
September 2011

This post is PURPLE in honor of those that I have known, and those still suffering from Alzheimer's disease.  Please find something purple to wear to remember and honor those you have also known.   Thanks!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Fluted Charmer

With flute you played your charm
enticing each soul forth,
from the darkest of depth,
beneath the trees like roots,
winding to, fro, coming out
into light of day to hear.

Witnessing life's toll to hear
these words, lived without charm.
Secrets kept, none spoke out...
dig within pockets forth,
seek to plant seeded roots
of aid.  Reaching new depth

for those burdened, in-depth
help, from hearts... cries to hear
their pleas.  Long buried roots
hidden to the world's charm,
beckoning to us, forth-
coming need to be out

these lives untold.  Call out
to believe 'tales tell depth'
and lonely hearts bear forth
wisdom, sadness we hear.
This music plays of charm
and helping hands' treed roots,

of giving planted roots
to society.  Out-
numbered, yet your heart's charm
raises from pocket's depth
to change the song, to hear
and carry their hurts forth.

Into the light shine forth,
no longer lost like roots
searching beneath, now hear
this hand be given.  Out
of torment and dark depth,
bestow your tale, do charm!

Theirs brought forth, this your charm,
to share roots, both this depth,
lift and hear...  help them out!

Petrina Lesko
September 2011

inspired by this week's Magpie Tales.

This was also my first attempt at a new to me form - the Sestina.  It's end words repeat throughout each stanza in the following pattern:
     1. ABCDEF
     2. FAEBDC
     3. CFDABE
     4. ECBFAD
     5. DEACFB
     6. BDFECA
     7. ECA or ACE (envoi)
       sometimes including BDF within these 3 lines as well.

now also linked to dVerse Poets Pub... FormForAll
new days dawn lightens
upon a world bringing joy
to new beginnings

Friday, September 16, 2011

grey skies lapping down
to taste the tender moments
misty morning wakes

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Meeting the Bar: Crit...

I wrote this a couple months back (July), have worked on a little technical stuff, but wondering what else could/should be tweeked a bit.  Thanks for any/all input you might have.

Life Played Silently

From within our shores of sunshine plays,
upon the land and upon the sea,
basking in the days of carefree ways,
games played silently, we all could be.

Simple words spoken within the hands,
havens cherished, explored, be thus shared,
Martha's vintage language of the sands,
a language evolved beyond presence cared.

Evolving days of lessons to learn,
schooled in hearts beyond from shores to main,
French signs transformed yet may we discern,
blending worlds within the hand explain.

To bring to this American shore,
become these words spoken - ASL,
from island families long before,
words shared with hands and spoken by all.

As all could be, no barriers would see,
for in those days, hearing spoke with hands,
to share and be a community,
to work, to play, joined upon these sands.

From within our shores of sunshine plays,
upon the land and upon the sea,
basking in the days of carefree ways,
Chilmark people... life played silently.

Petrina Lesko

linked over at dVerse Poets Pub for the Meeting the Bar: Crit and Craft

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lost Little Soul - Updated - FOUND

Good morning everyone!  I'm hoping everyone is having a wonderful week so far.  I'm looking forward to a busy week of preparations for the annual fundraiser where I work with developmentally disabled adults.  It is our mission to aid them in being as independent as they can possibly be, yet still provide guidance and services to enhance a wonderful life amongst their friends. 

This morning I woke to a sad report of an eight year old missing autistic boy.  Yesterday morning he ran off from his schoolyard fleeing into the San Bernadino Mountain woods.  It is with a burdened heart that I share this news, hoping that someone, anyone, is able to locate and assist this young soul back to his home and family.

to seek safely those
who love the world with eager
eyes and open hearts

to see things with eyes
differently yet the same
to simply seek love

to feel the scary
things in life, yet know in hearts
unburdened of fear

to feel the longing
of hope for this lost soul now
please bring him today

into the arms of
loved ones burdened missing him
back to his safe world

The weather where he is lost is beginning to rain, with thunderstorms present.  Due to his autism, typically, he would be afraid of strangers and loud noises.  May we all hold him in our hearts and prayers... may God hold him in the cradle of his love... may those who are searching be gentle in their hearts and bring him home safely.


Local News just broke that little Joshua has been found and is eating and drinking.  The area he was found in was very rugged terrain.  They are helicoptering in a medical team to evaluate his condition, but he is ALIVE!


Monday, September 12, 2011

Revenant Painter

The Revenant, 1949, Andrew Wyeth
shared as Mag 82
Tap, tap, tap sounds beyond the open door,
yet he has relinquished his wait no more,
easing beyond the paled world we here see,
glides effortlessly... this reality.

For he is a shadow of yesterday,
touching upon lives now of those that may,
inhabit his world of delicate hues,
searching places where he once found his muse.

Inspirational souls that came to him,
close at heart and close to this his world's rim,
tendered moments found silently kept close,
speaking beyond the rhetoric verbose.

Never to seek the final event known,
focused as taught by NC to ill shown,
painted in 'abstraction' for depth and tone,
for seekers are lost when focus for throne.

Such was his way, to find strengths in beauty,
looking for depth, meaning in objects he,
beyond the obvious, what you would find,
giving deeper essence, this was his kind.

For always the soul lingers beyond grave,
to carry forth as the wind or the wave,
past the boundaries of this world's known rules,
to grace those left with gifts of these jewels.

© Petrina Lesko, September 2011

I have always been very fascinated with the depth in the works of Andrew Wyeth, one of the best known artists of the US in the mid 20th century.  Though his work is considered predominantly to be 'realist' he considered himself to paint in more of an 'abstractionist' manner looking beyond the basic obvious meanings of simple objects and the world around him.  He truly believed his works went beyond the landscape or portraits, that they expressed a deeper nuance of feeling and depth.

This week over at Magpie Tales, Tess Kincaid has offered this fine example of his work, The Revenant, as the prompt to inspire us writers and poets.  Thank you Tess, for a fabulous prompt... truly inspirational.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

With Simple Grace

To touch each one with simple grace,
bow our heads with fear on our face,
of times in need, planted each seed,
fought for rights together would plead.

To see the world for what its worth,
looking beyond the dried up earth,
to nurture now, these plants some how,
tend heartened souls for all allow.

To walk today in remembrance,
for the ones lost and those still hence,
within your grasp, this place was clasp,
touched forever, free of their rasp.

Freedoms given beyond the day,
nurtured ways, come to you what may,
for tendered nights, and soulful sights,
given freely, encourage rights.

This always the voice of your ways,
to touch the world in such a blaze,
then the hours, we lost towers,
to grace upon our pure flowers.

To leave you lost, in his dismay,
crumbling beyond the words at play,
still in the fight, angel wings this night,
then lifting on morning breaths.. flight.

To take this soul with simple grace,
tears shed from eyes, love on our face,
of times in need, planted each seed,
embrace her gently now we plead.

Petrina Lesko
September 2011

Linked to dVerse Poets Pub for this week's Poetics...  In Memoriam

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Red Dawn Days

sunlit skies cascade
beyond worlds rising moments
puppies playful call
tell us red dawn days have come
bursting forth to share pure joy

© Petrina Lesko
September 2011

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Just Moments Ago

Just moments ago with a gentle hand,
Tears fell here for were we to understand,
With softened ears you listened to our pleas,
Tenderly sifting hopes from simple dreams.

Guiding souls onward throughout all the days,
Empowering children, showing them ways,
To build their seeds into towering lives,
Able to reach goals if only one strives.

Never need raise the staff or the voice,
Integrity, morals for all the choice,
Twas dignity and grace forever shown,
Lending little ones space to be grown.

Just moments ago with a gentle hand,
Tears fell here, for were we to understand.

Petrina Lesko
September 2011
linked to OpenLinkNight over at dVerse Poets Pub

Sunday, September 4, 2011


abandoned farm, Dublin, Ohio
photo by Tess Kincaid for
Magpie Tales
in the quagmire of
economic insecurities.

in muddy roads of
life's hazy days, worlds
washed loosely from
earthen crusts.

in the endlessness of
rain, pouring down
upon this place.

beyond hope of today,
tomorrow's freshness gleams.

from everyday boundaries,
now flowing beyond deed lines.

to begin anew, cleansed
by nature's tender mercies.

from yesterday's limits,
inspiring new found strength
in oneself... worlds changed.

Petrina Lesko
September 2011

Inspired by this weeks photo prompt #81 found over at Magpie Tales.  Come share in the fun, write a short poem or vignette... or just read some wonderful writes by others.