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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Standing Tall Your Light

I'm sitting in a little coffee place totally enjoying the atmosphere... not far from the shores of the Pacific... you can tell where my mind is drifting off to.  Thought I would share an attempt at a Ghazal, a form new to me.

Standing Tall Your Light

Through the darkest night, one struggles beyond, deeper into and more.
This beacon shining bright, upon the sandy shore, standing tall your light.

When into the night, one sits outside a crowded shop alone.
Musical ebbings etching stars in the darkest skies shone, standing tall your light.

Mystical magic flows within this place, coffee brews for all.
While cool breezes playfully slip past chairs, her shawl, standing tall your light.

Warmed by the flow, the swirling winds dancing there.
Still into darkest night, a comfort touches down for all to share, standing tall your light.

This the bricklayer's building blight, as he lays the stumbling blocks of life.
A pillared starkly sight, my harbor from misty strife, standing tall your light.

Petrina Lesko
August 2011

The other day over at dVerse Poets Pub for their FormForAll the form explored was a Ghazal.  I think this somewhat falls into how it 'should be written'.... obviously I am late in my attempt, but I was rather intrigued by the form.  Hope you all enjoyed my attempt.


Anonymous said...

Pretty Good.

kaykuala said...

Your Ghazal from the little that I know about Ghazal is fantastic. It matched what I see from others. It is an inspiration and the Pacific obviously gave the impetus.
You are blogging again. You are ok now, Ma'am?

Reflections said...

@ kaykuala The pain in the wrist/hand is improving... I have been able to remove the brace and use it some. Missing blogging so much, thought I would try to get back in some manner, but not sure it will be as much as usual.

Elizabeth Rose Stanton said...

Glad your injury is on the mend, Petrina! I like your poem (I'm always amazed the way poets can draw with words...).

Brian Miller said...

nice...i think you did well witht he form and it is certainly an uplifting piece...love the spiritual connections within....good to see you too...

ds said...

Beautiful piece. I know nothing about the ghazal,but I do love the gentle repetition of the refrain line. And I like your blog's new look also.
Glad you are feeling better.

Eclipse said...

A lovely piece Petrina, you have the way with words....Like your new layout too :)

Aeria said...

Ghazals are tricky to write, you have done a good job! I love your beautiful imagery and the atmosphere you have created :)

Anonymous said...

Petrina, I can't speak to the form, but I know a good poem when I read one and this is fabulous. I enjoyed its flow and it made me smile.

It sounds like you're feeling better. I'm glad.

Daily Spirit

Lolamouse said...

Was sorry to hear of your injury and hope you are healing. Your poem was beautiful. I couldn't even begin to fathom how to write a ghazal but admire yours! I love the repetition and soothing rhythm. Feel better.