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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Beyond the Moment: Poetics

Over at dVerse Poets Pub Brian Miller has challenged us for his Poetics post to explore what can only be seen with a 'third eye', those things that can only be known, beyond our true ability to see or touch something.  His post reminded me of the tenderness of this interaction with a dear friend from a few years ago.

She sat lost somewhere
beyond the moment,
not connecting to
the drivvle of her
favorite show...

Somewhere far
beyond our words,
drifting into the darkness,
"Momma is that you?"

Stillness filled the room
as she looked up, around...
smiling at what was there.
"Her dress is beautiful,
did you see it?"

"Don't go yet, it's been
so long..."  Silence engulfed
us, filling the crevices
of the space around us,
momentary glimpses...

"She died when I was
five.  Wasn't her dress
beautiful?  I'll be with
her soon, you know."
She sat smiling, looking

A calm slowly overtook
her fidgeting hands.  The
television continued to
drone on, noting the
world of victims of
the day's burdens.

Special Victims
contrasting the quietness
of her breath as it eased
from her lips, tender as
the child's hand.

Innocence of childhood,
a heart broken, a
mother's love stolen
from her on that
lonely dark road some
sixty odd years ago.

Tomorrow we would
need to drive that endless
road to nowhere, the
scarred bark branching
out to hold her.

A single tear trickled
down to catch the
edge of her smile,
her knowing one
day soon they would
be together again,

Petrina Lesko
August 2011


Heaven said...

Very sad and moving piece...

(suggestion edit "conitnued" to "continued"..)

I believe that someday we will meet the souls of our loved ones.

Happy day~

Claudia said...

that broke my heart...i met a man during my holidays and his wife died when their children were 6 and 9...somehow hw managed to raise them but it was so hard...so brought tears to my eyes

signed...bkm said...

Oh so sad...the time waiting to see someone again...great piece for the topic...thank you..bkm

Brian Miller said...

oy so evocative...my heart strings nearly broke in their pulling...join her soon...i hope that it is a beautiful reunion on the other side...

lori said...

So touching. I cannot begin to imagine the pain of a child that loses his or her mother. I imagine it creates a longing that is impossible to fill. Beautifully written.

Anonymous said...

I was particularly fond of the first stanza. ~safehousepoetry.wordpress.com

Anonymous said...

that was so touching ~ really reached out ~
sorry wont let me sign as a blogger

the green breaker said...

This definitely moved me and gave me a reason to cry... :(

leaving is sad.. why does it have to happen?

izzy said...

It is hard to revisit a place where someone died-
literally or figuratively ! I always dread going back- and I do not like crying.

Seasideauthor said...

Very well written words I could hear them out loud in my head. Your very moving but I hope you do not join her too soon I am going to like reading here!

Friko said...

A very sad little tale, heartbreaking.
You did well here.

The Cello Strings said...

sadness make us grow stronger.

powerful write.