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Monday, June 13, 2011

Whispering Ways

Once again, it is time to share the treasures found over at Magpie Tales, a blogging meme offered by Tess Kincaid.  There, each week, she posts a wonderful picture, sparking the muse of many, to share in the inspirational thoughts of those who join in.

Magpie #69

To touch, trace with gentle fingertips,
It is then that ye shall feel the ebb of days,
Woven within the flow, carved as dips,
Mounds guiding curves, the battle of my ways.

Mapped for futures told, thunderous crashing,
Tide-ripped currents, held within the whisper,
Ears listening to tales I've told, thrashing,
Yet a solstice of nights, cold and crisper.

Forever, my lines shall hold my form tight,
Cradled on the shores for those who shall seek,
Glisten against the sunlit sands in plight,
Bound by memories, silted in hearts meek.

Your treasure...crushed and tumbled, only still,
Into pathways of your inner sanctums,
Held like sun-bleached martyrs upon the sill,
Precious memories... whispered by the humms.

Still, shared within my whispering ways,
Secrets tossed upon the shore, thus you find,
Strewn across the sands on the darkest days,
It is there that you seek shells of my kind.

Petrina Lesko
June 2011


Brigid said...

This is a really beautiful write for the prompt.

I loved -

sun-bleached martyrs upon the sill

Friko said...

precious memories . . . .

you have described them well.

Sioux said...

I love the phrase "the ebb of days." The older we get, the quicker the tide ebbs and flows.

Tess Kincaid said...

I love the notion of secrets tossed on the shore. Very nice.

thingy said...

Beautiful. I have so many favorite lines.

Anonymous said...

So beautiful. I saw that picture and could not come up with much other than "Madonna is looking for half her bra"!! This is a lovely observation of the romance of nature. Amy

Kay L. Davies said...

There's so much here. It's all here, from "thunderous crashing" to "cradled on the shores" — beautifully done.
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

jen revved said...

Rich and eloquent-- I especially loved :
Your treasure...crushed and tumbled, only still,
Into pathways of your inner sanctums,
Held like sun-bleached martyrs upon the sill...

great job--xxxj,



 ..this piece, for me, is like those ineffable songs i hear from sea shells… pure and soothing… and weaved with a touch of a sensible soul… Triton would love to find shells of your kind… thanks for the chance of reading you in here. (:

Good day.


jabblog said...

A world held within such a small space - lovely.

Sacred Arts Studio said...

I think the shells of my kind area also found on darkest days... great poem!

Linda said...

I love the imagery in this poem. "Tide-ripped currents, held within the whisper" - just beautiful.

SandyCarlson said...

The sea offers a strange silence that beckons us to think. Your poem captures this so well.

ayala said...

I love the imagery. Secrets tossed on the shore...beautiful!

Brian Miller said...

this is really well done, one of my favs of yours i do believe...at least since your recent return...

Helen said...

The safest place to store our secrets ~ on the ocean shores.

Everyday Goddess said...

i love the feeling this piece gives me. very well written!

Luke Prater said...

lovely piece.

kaykuala said...

Petrina Ma'am,
The rough shells smoothened with your wonderful treatment!

Lolamouse said...

"secrets tossed upon the shore..." I love that phrase! Makes me think of an entire world enveloped in such a tiny object, just waiting to be discovered. Such a lovely poem.

Jingle said...

rich insights,

superb magpie.

Lena said...

Oh my - this has got to me this one has! It really is completely touching.

Anonymous said...

This is truly beautiful I wish I could create a work of art as you done