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Sunday, June 19, 2011

In Solitude...

Over at Jingle Poetry for the fabulous Poetry Potluck they have invited us to join in this week, as they "(poetically) sink into that feared world of  "Void, Loneliness and Sorrow" .... Don't be too sad though.. Just join us..and fight this fear together!!"

Today I sit in solitude, remembering...
Forty years, always knowing you were there,
Now, in my silence, is an unbearable loss,
For now I sit in solitude, bearing my cross.

The gardenia's spiced scent wafts silently,
Breezes transcend time... gently back to where,
Standing in the garden, together we would toss,
Life bits of conversation under the tree's moss.

Moments meant to last forever, always you'd sing,
For in this union we promised, until death's glare,
Would stare into one heart left... alone to bear loss,
Of the life long love meant to be... thine eyes shall gloss.

Gardens now are filled with the company of thee,
Friends and family have come forth to share,
Memories and moments all are quite dross,
For nothing can make bearable the pain, the loss.

For now I sit in solitude, remembering...
Forty years, always knowing you were there,
Now, in my silence, is an unbearable loss,
Today I sit in solitude, bearing my cross.

Petrina Lesko
June 2011

Another bit of dark poetry for me, though I think it meets the theme nicely.  A loss most of us could only imagine the depths of... one that I'm sure would carry much sorrow and loneliness. 

On a lighter note... I would like to thank Everyday Goddess for the Goddess Award and Toasting my post The Single Red Brick this week.  I am truly honored that she would share my post with all of her readers.


Andy said...

This poem is filled with profound sadness.
Some people never get over the loss of a loved one and even the memories of happier times spent together cause pain.

Penned beautifully.

Thanks for sharing & for commenting at my blog.

Jingle said...

your words are full of passion.
beautiful piece of writing.

The Girl In The Corner said...

This is beautiful. Many can relate to it, and empathise and it flows really well. I really enjoyed this one :)

Anonymous said...

beautiful, sad, profound.....brilliant write.

Anonymous said...

Deep sentiments that tugs at my heart...this is such an eloquent write. Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Beautifully written - well expressed!!

Anonymous said...

well expressed and moving. never easy to lose someone especially with the wonderful memories together. huggs :)

Anonymous said...

So full of sadness and yet, beautiful memories.

Anonymous said...

Such a palpable suffering, tears at the heart beautifully done

Kay L. Davies said...

So sorrowful, but so sweet.
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

Anonymous said...

Hi, I have read through a number of your post poignant and thoughtful writing. Very nice.

And thank you for visiting my blog and your most generous comments. - bill cook

Miki said...

Full of sorrow... Love the background.

Anonymous said...

I guess my loss is simply one for words. This touches deep...