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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

In the Moment's Darkness

In the moment's darkness,
And in the moment's light,
The earth warm as the morning night,
The sky dark as the night's moon bright.

To each day held in starkness,
And the night beneath the days,
Earthen beds bring planting ways,
Shadows dance upon reflecting rays.

The fire ignites though be spark less,
Ashen walls bear birth within plight,
Generating new fruits in sight,
Feeding upon the earthen fight.

To one day begin all new ways,
Organic growth, recycling plays,
To bring new light for gentle days,
And hope to generation's theys.

For in the moment's darkness,
Begins hope of moment's light,
To change the ways of being might,
Lend to days and years, beaming bright.

Petrina Lesko
June 2011

Linking this over at One Stop Poetry for this week's One Shot Wednesday.  Check out the party there to read some fabulous poetry of both up and coming poets, as well as some truly seasoned artists of the word.


Kay L. Davies said...

Hope. Change. Warmth. Light.
What we need, and what the new generations need from us.
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

Brian Miller said...

nice...this has a nice beat to it...we need hope, th next generation does as well in the light of this present darkness

ayala said...

Hope and lend to days and years, beaming bright- lovely.

Kavita said...

EXCELLENT, my friend..
There is a such a beautiful message in this.. Yes, from darkness and adversity
sprouts that shoot of light and hope indeed..
Very beautiful written, Petrina.. It's inspiring!

Claudia said...

it's good when there comes new light into the darkness...hopeful lines..

Pat Hatt said...

Definitly need hope and for things to get done as well, nicely written.

bharat chandran said...

Between the moment's darkness and brightness
There lies a silent break
But we shall await the beaming bright future
For hope is the moments light!!

I enjoyed your lines Petrina. Very well written..

Anonymous said...

Beautiful lines here. My favorites: "The fire ignites though be spark less, / Ashen walls bear birth within plight." Well done, Petrina.

Chasing Tao said...

Gotta love the positive vibes that emanate from this poem. Especially, the following lines:

"For in the moment's darkness,
Begins hope of moment's light..."

...and we do indeed live in the moment of a Dark Age...but the light shall win through!


Roger ☺

kaykuala said...

A beautiful take. Darkness and light will always be there to make life more interesting. We take the positives and hopefully the next generation does so too.


Dasuntoucha said...

Illuminated piece of writing...nicely done.

dakshi said...

This is wonderful Petrina...

Luke Prater said...

dark/light, the balance that is... enjoyed this meditation on it/the human interaction with it