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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Your Life or Mine?

I am linking the following post over at One Shoot Sunday for this is where the photos and inspiration came from, today's topic was Homelessness.  Then I am linking to Potluck Poetry Monday  because homelessness definitely stirs within me, many emotions and moods.  Does it do the same for you?

Your Life or Mine?

Was it yesterday when you walked on past, 
Your friend whispered in your ear, just aghast.
Seeing his cart filled with all things his life,
Not even caring what suffered,  what strife.

Yet from the ivory tower window,
Delicate linens, doilies do you sew.
Judging each man for his things he does own,
More than clothes on his back, how was he grown?

You have your tower, inside warm and true,
No guarantees this life, this could be you.
When suddenly fate does deal, everything lost,
But to change this life away, would it cost.

Have you ever looked within yourself to see,
If life dealt this hand to you, would you be.
Strong to stand against this adversity,
Or would you cry the night away hungry?

Cardboard shelters we do show on this lane,
But hidden deep within our soul lies pain.
Had a life of towers too, just like you,
But fate played a joke, nothing I could do.

I live in the alley behind your house,
Try to be quiet, you think I'm a louse.
Yet what I search for here is a life too,
For once a person, I was there like you.

Now I only need a chance given here,
Everyday touches my heart, sometimes a tear.
Hoping one day the tower mine might be,
Warm days, food, just a little dignity.

For just as this strife, yours it could be too,
The stories you tell, whispers be about you.
My dreams could come true, an ivory tower,
If my heart just holds, change given power.

Yet for just as this strife, yours it could be,
Your life, your job, oh yes, mine it could be!

Petrina Lesko
November 2010


signed...bkm said...

So many thoughts here, in reading this I think how I would be in the situation...do not think I would do so very well...you have me thinking and grateful for what I have today....God Bless us all..bkm

moondustwriter said...

you pose some great questions and a look down from the "ivory tower"

what a heart felt response to this prompt

Have a great week thanks

Anonymous said...


Katherine said...

This was truly a compassionate & evocative poem to read! Our governments are seriously failing our people..homelessness is rife worldwide. No man, woman or child should had to live in the streets, in cardboard boxes. There is something very wrong with a system that allows this to happen.
You did a wonderful job with this poem!! We are very lucky to have a roof over our heads... no matter how humble a roof we may have!

budh.aaah said...

You write so well R, glad to come back and be able to read your poem..the last one I read here was ever so sad that it didnt leave me for quite some days..

izzy said...

From your (inner) tower- really a marvelous
image. It may look dreadful from the outside
ragged, cold, but inside as you say, it is
warm and true! Thanks.

ljm (Amias and Liquidplastic) said...

In most cases, when looking out the window at the disenfranchised and forgotten people, we forget how quick the tides can change, and we might be labeled by such a name ... poor and homeless, and believe it or not, it's not our doing, as we work as hard as every one.

I like the concepts and thoughts in this piece, and it is filled with truth about this live we co-exist in --- and has such great potential.

libithina said...

a strike at empathy to prick a mind of those that pass on by ~ brilliant ~ loved it ~ Lib

Jingle said...

powerful piece.
hope those of good luck...
Thanks for sharing with potluck.

Hope said...

enjoyed this very much. Your poem is a very well written piece. Speaks many truths.

thank you for sharing

Alegria Imperial said...

The rhyme is so refreshing! And the message so simply put is powerful. It humbles the heart. Thank you, Petrina.

Brian Miller said...

excellent write...you did a marvelous job witht he prompt...i have a huge heart for the homeless so it stirs me often as well...

flaubert said...

This is a poignant piece. I have much empathy for the impoverished. A truthful poem.

Anonymous said...

powerful write.


Anonymous said...

A stirring piece - it wasn't so far back that I found myself in very much a similar position, my business tanked, as did the rest of the things I thought were important, I rose back up again but for a good six months I felt as if I died, the only people who'd care would be the ones who had to pull my corpse from the pavement. nicely done.

Victoria said...

Wonderful treatment of such a painful subject. This could be any of us. I think of what Mother Teresa said when asked how she planned to handle so many in need. She answered something like, "One person at a time." That's all we can do, I guess.

Anonymous said...

Very good piece, how we just close our eyes to the problems of others until we are the ones looking up at the Ivory towers..

Anonymous said...

Many many thoughts. I'm not a fan of rhyme in poetry but I like your use of the ABAB structure in this poem.

Thanks for sharing

dan roberson said...

Walking in the shoes of someone else just for a day pays dividends to the heart. It's hard to be the same once I know their names.

Claudia said...

yes it could be us as well - there is no guarantee. you wrote your heart into words, that could be felt. beautifully done

Anonymous said...

complex. well written. nice job!

Myrna R. said...

This was so heart wrenching, yet so beautifully weaved. Thank you for raising consciousness.

Suja said...

Beautiful words, stark reality, food-for thought and questions that would make one squirm seeing the other side.
Loved it!

Shashi said...

Its so powerfully written and your imagery is perfect.. I liked it
Thanks for sharing..
ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya
Twitter: @VerseEveryDay
Blog: http://shadowdancingwithmind.blogspot.com

JamieDedes said...

A fine poem demondstrating compassion and a refined sensibiltiy, Petrina.

At one time part of my work involved working with homeless. Aside from all the entirely valid and valued points you bring up here, there are some people who do choose to be or stay homeless. We need to respect that as well. One city had a "zero tollerance" policy, which they considered high-minded. It is only high-minded in so far as it is compassionate. When it intrudes on an individuals right to decide their own life-style and when they are doing nothing at all to hurt others, their wishes should be respected. Just a thought. This seemed an okay place to put it out there.

Love the poem. Very worthy and a fine contribution to Potluck. Enriching and well wrought. Thank you!

Jingle said...

thanks for linking up with potluck.


award/treats for you. smiles.