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Friday, November 19, 2010

Tribuatry of Time

Saturn looks down, as did his father,
To the goddess of earth, his mother be,
Magpie prompt #41
Duo swords crossed, one at guard,
To protect the midnight hour three.

Through wedded bliss did sky and earth,
Born to Uranus and Gaia, thier son was he,
But bliss turned violent, and separate now,
The skies and earth apart, bound only by thee.

Gloom and serious, descriptors of this god,
Referred as 'old Father Time', must he be,
Father to Air, to Water, to Death  was this god,
For always apart, yet Time cannot kill these three.

Roman memories of Gods and Time,
Numerals strong, stone tributary this be,
Duo swords crossed, one at guard,
To protect the midnight hour three.

Once again, inspired by Willow over at Magpie Tales, #41 from this weeks prompt... Please take a moment to check out the other responses there.


Jingle said...

Father to Air, to Water, to Death was this god,
For always apart, yet Time cannot kill these three..

very thoughtful tale..
lovely imagery.

kaykuala said...

Beginnings of the universe and the attendant mysteries around it, I imagine. Very refreshing take. Brilliant!

Brian Miller said...

ha love those closing lines...protecting the midnight hour...

faith said...

Love that these Roman Numerals evoked a story of Roman Gods. Now I shall see XI as "Duo swords crossed, one at guard!" Creative! :)

Bee's Blog said...

Inspired indeed. Perfection.

Suz said...

this is terrific and
I am impressed at the work

Judy Roney said...

Love this tale of myths and Gods. Great response to the prompt.

Kelly M. said...

beautiful rhythms to this work -- flows well!

Jingle Poetry said...

perfect plots.
unbeatable tale...
keep writing.

C.M. Jackson said...

loved the mythogical images and the play on roman numerals--very well done! c

Anonymous said...

What strong imagery!! It was like some movie playing, with a mythological backdrop! Superb!!
Very well constructed indeed!!! Bravo..

willow said...

Rome rules. Beautiful!!

rel said...

Aye, the imagery is perfect to the prompt!

kathew said...

incredible imagery- wonderful!

Jingle Poetry said...

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Hope to see your contribution.
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Have A Lovely Tuesday!
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