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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

At the Shore

photo prompt from Olive O'Brien's Creative Writing Ink

She sat waiting for me at the shore,
Clouds, sunlight, colors welcoming more.

Time passed, blending with eternity,
Nature, beauty, glorious was she.

It was here, for the first time I met,
Peace, serenity... from a sunset.

If you enjoyed this poem prompted by this photo, please hop over to Olive O'Brien's Creative Writing Ink  to see more inspired thoughts.  Here is the link:   http://creativewriting.ie/2010/09/07/september-7th/ 


Brigid said...

Lovely take on the prompt, peace and serentity.

Olive said...

Thanks for posting the link:) It's a lovely poem and love the line, "time passed, blending with eternity."

Jayne said...

I particularly liked the opening line, it was a great visual.

Chris Stovell said...

I really enjoyed the watery reflections of this and the previous post. Timely too, I've just dropped my OH off for a sailing trip today - it's a really big Spring tide today so crossing the bar at the estuary here should be a tad easier than it sometimes is!

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Lorrie said...

Peace and serenity - beautiful expressions of waterside experience. Your previous post is much the same, contrasting the differences in the ocean's moods.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Comments are always fun to read, aren't they?

Karen S said...

I love the way you personified the sunset. Nice visuals.